Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Poll about Garden Blog Features

Over on the right sidebar is a poll. It's been months since I queried readers. I hope you'll join in. I'll publish the results when the poll is over.

There are 10 items in the poll. Please check the statements with which you agree. There are no wrong answers, just opinions.

If I don't tell you, will you know that this is Pineapple Sage cuttings growing in tins and how I got this notion?

Does this post need a caption? Do I need to explain the greenhouse floor? Does it matter what is on the picnic tray? Should I tell you what is blooming in this place?

Dramatic, or puzzling?

Everybody's blog and garden is different. Sometimes I wonder if I make myself understood and whether anybody except one or two who visit here regularly really cares.

Please remember to check the items you agree with on the Poll. I appreciate comments and discussion, too. 


  1. Good afternoon dear Jean ~ Great poll and I answered the questions. I look forward to reading the results when you post them.

    I love it that you are growing pineapple sage in pineapple juice tins. I can almost taste the sage.

    I love the brick work in your floor of your greenhouse.

    The last photo is dramatic and lovely.

    We are getting some much needed rain down here in s.e. FL. I am thankful.

    Have a good week in your gardens and your greenhouse.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. I would not have known they were starts of pineapple sage without you labeling them - and if they're for a special project, it would be fun to know what that is. (Table decorations? A gift for someone? Plants to share at a gardening club sale?)

    Yes, I'd love to know the history of your brick floor in the greenhouse. Did you do the placement of the bricks and stones? Why did you make a "crazy quilt" design? Has it caused you any problems? How long has it been down?

    Do you eat lunch in the greenhouse - or entertain gardening friends there? Or do you just fix special trays to graze from as you work or read in there?

    It's a beautiful and dramatic picture of a camellia (I think) - and a nice accent to show occasionally. It would be more interesting (for me) to see a macro with a specific insect utilizing the flower. What insects visit your gardens? What animals?

    Personally, I love the life of gardens, so I like seeing wildlife in them. It also intrigues me to see how the plants relate to each other and to the space - and maybe how those relationships have changed through time. I like seeing the specific plants that make you happiest and learning why they mean so much.

    Hope this helps!

  3. I love the photo of the Camellia. I'd love to know what you had on the tray for your greenhouse picnic. Closeups of it would be nice. I grew pineapple sage here one year, but I don't think we get hot enough in the summer for it, it never flowered. So I probably wouldn't have recognized it. I like reading what you use your greenhouse for. I think it's different from what I intend to use mine for, but that's ok. Although I "see" you on Facebook, I like having a connection to you via blogging.

  4. We had rain, too, Rainey.

    On the tray was a cheesedome with cheddar cubes, two biscuits, homemade pear preserves, orange juice and coffee. I was intent on the long view and forgot to make pics of the tray up close, and it was cute. I had a blue bowl of tangerines but decided that begonias in a red pot were more fun. I make up little trays on occasion for my own amusement.

    The pineapple sage in a can was an idea that developed when I opened a can of generic pineapple and admired the can label, thinking it was perfect for potting some cuttings.

    The brick floor wss a picture from LA Times showing a driveway in that design. I copied it in May, 2012. Before that I had a brick and urban stone patchwork with bricks in straight lines using the flat sides.

    Alison used the same pattern for her new greenhouse. Hers was professionally done, definitely an improvement.

    As to the camellia picture, there was one with an ugly little black thrip. I deleted it. We have plenty of beneficials when the weather gets just a tad warmer. Bumblebees are already seeking out the greenhouse which houses not only plants but anoles, fence lizards and peeper frogs -- my pest control crew.

    Among the wildlife that visits here are armadillos and opossums. Recently a wildcat was killed on the highway as are frequent deer.

  5. The pineapple sage growing in the cans is so cute! Everyone's blog is different, and I like different ones for different things. In general, I like clarity and brevity, though I also appreciate a good story and a glimpse of personality. And, of course, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  6. Yes, to all the above questions. I like to feel like I am visiting with a good friend. I love all details. No, I am so dense that I might not have realized the cans held pineapple sage! I love that idea and think it is very clever.

    I admire all the things you do in your gardens and why you do the floor.


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