Friday, February 7, 2014

Camellia Blooms Despite the Cold

The cold is not kind to Camellias in bloom. Tight buds are usually okay. When the weather warms they open out again with minimal damage.

Reds are my favorite. This today.

 Whites are lovely too but show slight damage. 
They remind me of the movie Camille.

Pinks are pretty, too.

Blooming today the big Camellia that 
I limbed up last year after it bloomed.

Compare it to last year:

Bloom Day, February 2013

If there are no freezing temperatures for a week,
I expect many open blooms this Bloom Day.
None are predicted through the 13th.

Mathotiana bloomed in December for 
an unusually warm Christmas.
No blooms now but buds promise
later blooms.

Camellias, February 2012

Camellia season lasts until mid-April. There are still many to anticipate that are full of  buds but have had no open blooms.


  1. Camellias are not something I can grow here, so I really do appreciate your photos. They are all beautiful blooms. I do however, especially love the white.

  2. Your Camellias are spectacular. My 'Taylor's Perfection' isn't looking so good this week - perhaps it disliked the very dry conditions that preceded its peak bloom period. I'm hoping our recent rains will give the later blooms a boost.

  3. Beautiful. I love camellias. I inherited a couple so don't know the variety but they're not out yet. Perhaps I will have just a hint of pink in time for bloom day!

  4. Beautiful Camellias in flower. I have some in my garden but in our climate they flower somewhat later.

  5. They are the perfect blossom. I love all the colors. I hope milder weather prevails and you are blessed with hundreds of these gorgeous things.


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