Monday, February 17, 2014

Constructive Staring

Sometimes I wonder if I'll live long enough to see all my plans completed. Too many are still in the constructive staring stage.

Sometimes I put up little flags to mark a line of grasses or a couple of shrubs or some other grand scheme so I can look at it from inside the house. I moved these 3 times and now I know where to move them again.

I ran across these as I was wandering around, staring.
'Gypsy Queen' hyacinths forced a couple years back and then planted out.
It is a delight to find blooms in forgotten spaces. These were marked
 with a piece of wood so they would not be dug by accident.

I keep looking at the space between the trees.
The borrowed view is of the woods across the highway.
When the crew cut the electric right of way, they left mulch. 

... as if I didn't have enough work, it just seems like the perfect 
place for planting something low that I can see from a long way.
Pines have grown up where we used to pick butterbeans.

This is the view back through the tree line. Magnolia is 
shapeless against big Junipers in the distance.

Meanwhile, there were limbs to pick up after the recent winds.
I planted beside the greenhouse white Hyacinths that finished 
blooming and moved another clump of Candytuft to that bed. 

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  1. What a wonderful looking snack and such a great place to enjoy it! Wish I were there with you.

    Keep on planning; it don't think it is a good sign when we stop.......


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