Friday, February 28, 2014

End of February View

Aren't we glad to get this awful month behind us? We had frost this morning.

 View of the Front where there are 5 good-sized beds in the broad lawn that the driveway circles. I learned early on to make berms bigger than 6' long, else they looked like graves. I've decided they need evergreens.added to the back of each. Behind the tree line to the left is the Upper Garden.

Upper Garden looking westward.

 A closer look at the Upper Garden. I've pruned the summer-flowering Spiraea underneath little Dogwoods. Hyacinths are blooming among them. Grass paths leading off the oval lawn are dormant.

Further down one of the Upper Garden Paths. There are
cross paths since last year that really made it easier to 
navigate. I don't know about looking better with paths.

Looking south across the upper garden.

... and a farther away Upper Garden View. Don't mention that the bench is backward. I like to sit on it this way and turned it around. .

I showed these daffodils in the previous post. Wider view
taking in the Stick House.

This is always my view for any month. There's a clump of daffodils in the left corner, Camellias and up close right is the edge of a limb of Loropetalum in bloom. The multi-trunked Dogwood to the left of the drive has a grey haze of buds ready to open as soon as it's time. T

he old Pecan tree in front of the house will let us know by leafing out when Spring is really here. You can't fool a Pecan.

Joining The Patient Gardener for End of the Month Views On her blog are links to gardeners all over the world taking a last look at February.

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  1. I am jealous of your space and I did laugh at the idea of making the beds looking better than graves! Thanks for joining in this month

  2. How wonderful to have a space with long views. I like your paths, they make one want to walk down them to see where they lead. We have benches like that going both ways depending on where they are.

    Happy gardening and getting ready for spring.


  3. Despite the miserably cold weather you've had, spring seems to be making an appearance in the sunny cheerfulness of the daffodils and the bright light shining over your garden (regardless of what the pecan has to say about it).

  4. Loving your views. I just adore those little clumps of Daffodils springing up.

  5. Your comment about paths strikes a chord with me. We have a large neglected woodland area that I am starting to clear and work my way through. I have to find a balance between enough paths to make maintenance easier (and get close to the blooms), and chopping it up too much.

  6. You may be glad to see the back of February, but you have Loropetalum in bloom! I bought one last year and I think it might be toast.

  7. It's so nice to see spring bulbs and things greening up in your garden; it gives me hope that spring will get here eventually. Meanwhile, we're expecting another snowstorm tomorrow along the Mason-Dixon line. -Jean


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