Monday, February 3, 2014

First Look February

Muhlenbergia capillaris

I didn't think to make pics for first views. This Gulf Muhly photo is something I wanted to look at again -- need a longer line of grasses. Cymbopogon in the far bed just visible at right is all dry and brown since the recent freeze. 

Among my plans are more of the grasses I already grow: divide Vetiver and spread it around, relocate Lemon Grass and think about increasing Gulf Muhly. 

I still think of grasses as weedy. To please me they must look intentional rather than random the way they grow with wildflowers in my native meadows. 

I'm finding poppy seedlings in the lawn. I went out and scooped up some and put them in the edges of beds where they won't be cut down by the mower. We have lots of green -- chickweed, bittercress, red sorrel and the like. 

Once in a while among the weedy green there are poppies, corydalis and larkspur. Daffodils are showing up buds. I cut back the dead Lantana foliage so the Daffodils can be seen. Lantana either comes back from roots or it doesn't.
If it doesn't show up, I'll buy a nice Lantana and root cuttings, come Spring.


  1. Grass is versatile, they be very expressive and lavish in the wild, but they can be disciplined in rows or pattern of our choice.... :)

  2. Your February is prettier than my February except we we get snow. That is promised for later today, up to 5 inches. Everything looks beautiful then.

    I will be burning off my grasses very soon.

  3. Increasing the Gulf Muhly makes sense - as a longer mass, either gentle curved or possibly as a staggered line. But seeing the photo, the former seems better.

    Maybe its the smaller mature size of that muhly, but it does seem to work more as a sweep than a clump.


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