Tuesday, February 4, 2014

'Spartacus' Amaryllis in Bud and Bloom

There's a second bud that will open after this one, so the joy lasts a long time.

I won this bulb in a contest that Longfield Gardens had on Facebook in December. Entering the contest required no effort on my part other than adding my name to the list of hopeful gardeners. They did not require that I blog about it or show a picture. 

The bulb required no effort on my part other than a pot that would hold a fat bulb, some soil and water.  

I forgot to mention that the blooms measure more than 7" across. Many people like to have Amaryllis for Christmas bloom. I enjoy having Amaryllis coming into bloom all through the worst of winter when huge colorful blossoms bring a bright spot of joy during dreary weather.  


  1. Those are beautiful blooms and how wonderful that it was a win in a contest.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh, I should try them. I like your idea of not even trying to shoot for a bloom by Christmas, but to just be happy with all that big color in the middle of winter.

  3. So pretty! I planted 4 of the Hippeastrum I grew in pots last year in the ground after they finished flowering. While one disappeared, one of the 3 remaining has a put up a bud. I impatiently await the bloom and hope all will naturalize as some do here.

  4. Well I will try to comment again. One of those mornings I guess. LOL!
    It is so gorgeous and so are the shots so good luck on the contest. I hope the ice has not came to your garden. It has been so wide spread this winter. I am so over all the beauty of it. LOL! Have a wonderful week.

  5. Lona, don't give up on an amaryllis bulb unless it has turned to mush. Sometimes they put up foliage before a bud appears.

  6. Truly looks so Christmassy.
    It must be a wonder to see so many colours on this lovely flowers.

  7. How lucky to win such a beautiful amaryllis. They are so showy and do brighten the winter.


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