Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stroll Among the Daffodils

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I've been posting daffodils for a while now. I showed you every little one that opened, I felt like. These are new -- the pictures, not the Daffodils. My new Daffodils are fat Trumpets that are just sending up foliage tips now.

Little Tete a Tete under a Live Oak in the Upper Garden.

Ice Follies

February Gold with Sweetness Jonquillas behind.

Tiny Jonquillas along a path.

These are a King Alfred type, maybe 
Unsurpassable, here for 50 years.

Bags of mixed Daffodils are good if they all bloom together.

If you plant several different Daffodils, the season can be extended. Early Narcissus will be long gone when the late blooming kinds open, like Baby Moon, hardly with foliage out of the ground right now.

New plantings may open a little later than the same cultivars that are established.

Erlicheer are blooming. I didn't go 'round there to get pics. Double Daffodils are not my favorite except for Tahiti which has fat buds, and a fragrant one that was here for a long time. Ice King finally reverted to Ice Follies of which it is a sport. I like the single blossom better.

A tab labeled 'Daffodils' just under the Header Photo on this page will take you to pics of a number of previous years' Daffodils. Most are labeled.

Which are your favorite Daffodils? I would hate to have to settle on one or two.


  1. You have a lovely collection of daffodils. I went through them in a vain attempt to identify some of mine - although, I keep pretty good records of most things I plant, I seem to consistently fall down on the job with bulbs. In any case, I couldn't match mine with any of yours.

  2. There are other daffodils under the tab 'Daffodils' at the top of the page underneath the header.

  3. Your garden is a welcome spring sight and you have so many clumps which show off daffodils to their best. I always plan for more but somehow never do it.

  4. Hi Jean, yes you have very beautiful daffodils and so wonderful to be blooming all at the same time. They make your garden so cheerful.

  5. These pictures are especially bright and clear and a welcome sight this morning. We have a skiff of snow on and it is around 12°

    I like how your bulbs are not crowded; they are spread and mixed in a very pleasing way.

    Ice Follies may be my favorite one. I like the singles too but have a clump of Erlicheer for the fragrance alone.

  6. They look so soothing. Not overly crowded.
    And every time i look at daffodils i remember someone saying me that they are symbols of unrequited love. i don't know if its true though.


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