Friday, February 14, 2014

We Ate the Bloom Day Buds

It's a conumdrum. You'll learn at the end of the post whether we did eat Buds.

Blooming now: Hyacinths

Magnolia 'Leonard Messell"



Camellia with dead tops of Brugmansia: winter vs. summer.
Brugs come back from roots, usually.


Daffodils among frost-killed tops of Lantana.

Narcissus and Hyacinths starting bloom here.

We did eat Broccoli buds, and Cabbage heads.
After the bigger Broccoli heads are cut, they 
grow more, smaller heads. So do Cabbages.

Happy Bloom Day. My brother used to visit Savannah this time of year to make sure that Spring might be on the way when Atlanta was having ice or snow. I promise, it will come.

Visit Carol's Bloom Day meme on the fifteenth to see if Spring is coming in other parts of the world.

Peek into my greenhouse to see more blooms.


  1. Oh how wonderful to have spring time blooms in your garden. I would so love to grow Camellias here in Ohio.Yours is just beautiful.

  2. Happy GBBD! We have plants just poking their way up through the soil, but not much in the way of flowers yet. You are way farther along than us.

  3. Your Loropetalum looks beautiful, possibly a bit tender for us and lovely Leonard Messell is much further advanced. Spring has sprung for you at least!

  4. It is so nice to see spring blooms in your garden. We are still under snow here but your photos are so encouraging! Happy GBBD!

  5. Your garden is doing so well...I aspire to have your talent..happy gbbd.

  6. Your spring blooms warm my heart! Giving me hope that spring will arrive here too. P. x

  7. Hello,
    I've enjoyed looking at your blog and I like your style, photography & writing voice because it's honest, inspiring & FuN. So, I am nominating you for the Liebster Blog Award.
    I encourage you to keep blogging and visit my blog, for more info about the Liebster.
    Let me know if you questions, ok?
    I look forward to reading your answer to "My Questions for You"
    Good Luck,
    Xo ~ Michelle

  8. The flowers look beautiful.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  9. Thanks for the assurance that spring will come; I was starting to have doubts. You are a bit ahead of us!

  10. Ha! Someone else that recognizes the importance of leaving something standing... re: brugmansia...

    While I prefer the pokeberry stems and evening primrose... over the brugmansia sticks... I feel like a denuded garden that has been tidied out of existence is an abomination....

    So... Yay!

    Incidentally... I have daffodils under the lantana as well... it's a good pairing.


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