Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amaryllis Benfica and Appleblossom

Two Amaryllis are in bloom. 'Benfica' is from last year and I was successful in bringing it to bloom again. 'Appleblossom' is blooming for the third year.

Benfica is a Portuguese sports club. I can't find if the football
team is for whom this bulb was named by Penning in 2001.

 I have yet to get a pic that shows the depth of color of this flower, darker than shown in any photo I have so far.

Appleblossom is an heirloom first registered in 1954 by the Dutch grower Ludwig.
The best thing about this bulb besides its great beauty is the incredible fragrance.
Not many Amaryllis have fragrance. This is probably the second most popular Hippeastrum in the trade.

I bought Benfica from Longfield Gardens. I can't remember Appleblossom's source but it may have been a big box store. Growing it over summer in a big pot increased its size.


  1. How did you do it? Any hints on avoiding rot?

  2. I left them in their pots outside through Spring and most of the Summer, watered by rain. I think it was August when I put the pots in the toolshed to go dry and the tops die.

    First week in November I took them out. The potting soil around them had shrunk, so I took them out and put new soil in the bottom of the pot and around the bulb. I gave them a good drink and then I let them be until I saw a bit of green. Resumed watering then.

    I don't know if I could back this schedule up enough to get Christmas blooms. They're a joy at any season, so I might just get a new bulb or three every Christmas and enjoy these when they get around to blooming.

  3. Benefica looks beautiful, even if the depth of velvety red doesn't get captured fully. And I see at least two more amaryllis bulbs there with buds on them. One of mine, Charisma, began blooming today; Picotee also has a flower stalk growing. None of the others (even the usually faithful Apple Blossom) have put up any flower stalks yet.
    I like the idea of buying a new one each year to bloom at Christmas and then letting the rest bloom when they will (which usually seems to be in early spring for me). -Jean

  4. Apple Blossom has always been my favorite even though I don't have any of that variety at present. I planted the 6 I had in pots last year in the ground. I've seen them naturalize elsewhere in my area and I had some success with this myself at our old house. Amazingly enough, the last time I looked, 4 of them had buds. Now that we've had 3 days of heavy rain, I'll have to check whether that helped or hurt them.

  5. O my, your amaryllis photos are quite lovely. I think I have an Appleblossom amaryllis but it's been so many years since it has bloomed! It has grown and I've repotted the divisions. Any suggestions?

  6. Jean and Kris, aren't they a joy?

    Garden Gal, Let it grow big green leaves all summer, then in August put it in a dark place with no water for 8 weeks. Bring it out, cut off any remaining leaves and give it a drink. This is when I usually repot mine so I can leave the shoulders of the bulb above the soil. No more water until it puts up either a bud or leaves.


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