Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bloom Day: Spring Marches In

It looks as if Spring is almost here. It will be Marching northward a little at a time.

Shirley Tulip with Muscari

I am so encouraged by these Tulips, I may plant Purple next year.

Moulin Rouge

Pink Charm Daffodil, one of my Faves.

It was hard not to publish every Daffodil in bloom.
Sailboat made the cut. You can see a plowed field in the distance and the
pale spring green of trees putting on new leaves.

Tahiti, my Fave Double Daffodil. Looks good, smells tropical.

Pink Pearl Azalea, another Fave.

White Azaleas kicked off the season.

Blood of China Camellia

Frost was hard on Camellias; tight buds are
opening now with no damage.

A long view past Loropetalum

Fruit trees are in bloom: Clockwise from bottom left, Pear, Peach and Blueberry.
Bottom right: Loropetalums are blooming. In foreground, bare Crape Myrtle.Old Pecan tree in the background shows that you can't fool Pecans. It isn't Spring until they leaf out -- last.

Happy Bloom Day! See other gardens in bloom at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Hi Nell, I had a hard time getting to your blog because I have an old link stored. There was no blog link left in the comment you left on my blog either. I will add it because many use my comments to blog hop. Oh, your flowers are blooming so nicely after the winter that hit the US this year. We are behind by over a month and still have snow on the ground. The spring trees are still tight in bud too. I think this year we will miss spring and jump right to summer - not uncommon here. When our flowers finally do come up, at least it will be colorful. I like i better like in your garden, the transition makes it a much better gardening year. No azalea here luckily. They would not have made it through our winter. I have had them before and they are too iffy in our area.

  2. All so pretty! I have a hard time not showing every single Hellebore. Happy GBBD!

  3. Lots of gorgeous Spring colour. I especially love your pink daffodil.Pink Charm and your tulips. We are waiting for tulips here in the uk but have daffodils out.
    I am especially interested in what is blooming with you as we are heading out to your part of the world in a couple of weeks , and I can't wait to see the lovely gardens and plants!

  4. Lovely, you are further on than us, we only have the early species tulips out. I love your Loropetalum.what a beautiful way to grow it.

  5. Gosh, so nice to see these spring flowering plants in your garden! Love them all, but I am especially smitten by your white azalea! Happy Gardening!

  6. Just beautiful. Isn't spring a wonderful time? Happy Bloom day.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen a Loropetalum that large!

  8. Hi Nell Jean, you bulbs have amazing colors, as if i haven't seen those purples yet! It looks that your muscaris are volunteers, beautiful volunteers!

  9. The long view is just glorious. I love camellias, I hope you've seen the last of the frost.

  10. Nell Jean,
    I always enjoy seeing your spring gardens. They remind me of what's to come as spring, indeed, marches northward.

  11. Very pretty! I love all the tulips, they remind me of my childhood.

  12. Oh my goodness...I can only imagine, Nell! I can't wait for signs like those here! 7" of snow last night was just uncalled for--it covered up my crocus blooms and hellebores, once again. I think it will be our last, though. I love your gorgeous. I have just a couple because critters have feasted on I don't plant them anymore.

  13. Is that what it will look like here in a month? Hurray! Bring it Spring! We're just starting to feel warm, and I only had a few posies to share. Your tulips made my heart smile. Thank you.~~Dee


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