Thursday, March 6, 2014

Irises Do Not Change Color

Miss Winnie gave me a clump of White Iris last year.. I plopped them at the corner of the greenhouse where I aspire to a White Garden. Imagine my surprise when a Purple Bud appeared the other day.

Miss Winnie says she had no Purple. The best I can determine, her white irises may have been pollinated by bees visiting from another garden, dropped seeds and this is the result. 

Ordinarily, gardeners complain that their purple Irises have 'turned white.' What happens is the hybrid Irises die out and the hardier white takes over. 

What ever the case, I am happy to have this Purple. The White has a bud too. I'll put a little piece of surveyor tape around this stem and move Purple in August.


  1. I have a friend who moved some iris, gold I think, and they all came up white after that. She researched it and apparently, they can change colors after a move. Surprising.

  2. The purple iris is lovely!

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. The purple is lovely! How interesting that your friend doesn't have any purple irises, yet this one is! Smart of you to put tape around it to mark it for moving. I'll have to use that tip!

  4. Last year my beautiful giant deep purple/blue iris that had been the same color for over thirty years, bloomed with tinges of a rather unattractive reddish maroon color to them. I thought that it may have been because of the warmer winters we had been having for the past few years. Maybe they are now reverting to their original flower types, but after thirty years? I can't wait to see what color they bloom this year. There is always some kind of surprise in the garden, isn't there?


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