Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Like Hunting for Easter Eggs

The winds are quiet, the sun is bright and I was out looking for treasures. An Amaryllis bud I'd not seen before, a California poppy blossom, Spiderwort, Gerbera Daisies and other signs of Spring in Bloom were waiting to be discovered.

The first Knock Out Rose

Camellias are almost gone after a harsh winter that was hard on them. 
This candy-stripe is a seedling, not so spectacular but special to me.

California Poppies are just beginning.

It's like Hunting for Easter eggs, all the bright colors blooming now, awaiting discovery.

Spiderwort is a weedy wilding but makes 
a pretty show ahead of many other
spring pretties and such a pretty color.

Another seedling Camellia, late blooming.
This is the one a falling oak limb took off half last year.

Late-planted Daffodils made a great lingering show.
It's like a new discovery every time I see it.

Wisteria blooms are starting -- and they smell good.

Tiny 'Baby Moon' is always one of the last daffodils to bloom.

Blueberry blooms attract bees. 
Some of the early bushes have tiny berries I noticed.

This is a curious thing. These blooms are on the same Azalea, 'George Tabor' which is a sport of Formosa or Omurasaki, depending on whose authority you are reading. This particular George has a single limb of sported magenta, reverting back to its origins.

Around where I placed Begonia pots under a Red Cedar it looked as if hogs had been rooting. Armadillo! Pots were knocked over and other signs: little cone-shaped holes in the earth. Armadillos are looking for grubs, very helpful but eventually they start tunneling under the house and having litters of four which multiply quickly into too many helpers and snacking on grubs and in fire ant mounds turns to feasting on earthworms. I set a trap after I righted pots and transplanted Spider Plants into the urn.


  1. I still have a yard full of snow. I won't see blooms like this until late June or July. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I don't have all these but some. I love spiderwort, especially for how easy it is to grow..and spread. But who could resist that blue color. Lovely pictures.

  3. I love your candy stripe Camellia, it reminds me of peppermint candy. My California poppies are still just tiny seedlings.

  4. Your garden shows me what is to come in my garden. So very beautiful!

  5. Armadillos, of my! If our garden visitors could just behave themselves. I've reached a truce with my squirrels but the raccoons continue to push the boundaries of an acceptable relationship.


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