Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Best Bulb Views

We had a beautiful day today.

Shirley Tulips and Muscari

Moulin Rouge Tulip

Shirley Tulips and Muscari

Tete a Tete and Jetfire Daffodils: Jetfire has a darker 
orange cup. This is a previous year's planting.

Pink Charm, so precious

Sailboat. There were Sailboat and Ice Wings planted here.
Ice Wings disappeared, as triandrus daffodils sometimes 
will after a few years. 


Shirley with Moulin Rouge behind.

Tulips were prechilled for 10 weeks. Trumpet Daffodils planted at the same time around this bed were not chilled and they are just peeking out of the ground. 

What about your Daffodils and Tulips? Are they blooming? 
Which persist best for you?

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