Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ten Signs of Impending Spring

Peach Trees are blooming!
In the distance Farmer Danny is readying land for planting.

Peach blossoms.

Pear blossoms and Blueberry blooms.

White Azaleas near view and farther away, Magnolia.


Magnolia 'Leonard Messel' has put out a bloom here and there since early January, only to be frost bitten. Now in full bloom.

Jet Fire Daffodils.

Winter was hard on Camellias this year. Many blossoms are streaked from cold.
The bee is carrying a heavy load of pollen.

Mixed Hyacinths in 3 colors.


Moulin Rouge Tulips. Ah, Spring.

Thursday night another freeze is predicted. 


  1. That bee made me chuckle, he looks like he's wearing enormous yellow pantaloons. The Magnolias are so pretty.

  2. I do hope the freeze misses the fruit tree blooms! I uncovered the strawberries and didn't recover last night even though they predicted a freeze. I had a busy day and forgot them; I lucked out it didn't get nearly that cold.

    I envy you that beautiful blueberry bush. I lost all of mine.

  3. Oh, this winter has been so unkind to you, I hope the forecast is wrong (it often is here).
    Leonard Messel is a gorgeous variety. I have a very young one, it hasn't done much yet.

  4. Why did I think you did not like tulips? I literally have adhd so my memory may have failed me but they are beautiful in any event...

  5. Janie J. I do love tulips, they're just hard to grow here. If I hadn't won these there would have been Daffodils in this spot. They did turn out well but it took timing to chill them and get them out when the weather was right.

  6. i love flower
    every time when I see the beauty flowers i will take pictures with them like you
    thank you for sharing
    enjoy the pretty time here
    wish can sharing everything in the future

    keep in touch,dear


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