Saturday, April 12, 2014


As Azalea season fades and Dogwood petals fall, poppies and other annuals are the next wave of bloom along with Philadelphus, which we used to call English Dogwood.

A young Philadelphus blooms at each corner of the greenhouse.
Poppies bloom in the background.

Today I picked the last regrown cabbage and ate it.
This one has regrown heads going to seed and growing with
poppies and Toadflax.
California Poppies are coming into bloom, my favorite and long-lasting.
Shown here with Amaryllis 'Exotica' -- a good companion.
Corn Poppies, the red poppy of Remembrance are almost ready to bloom.


  1. I love that deep red poppy. It looks as though it has a fringed petal. Is your mock orange fragrant? I regret I didn't put in the native one but the one I have 'natchez' puts on a great show for all its lack of fragrance.

  2. I just sowed a bunch of California poppies last week. I love them too!


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