Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Roses, Roses and More

What smells so good in the garden? Roses!

Clockwise from upper left: Red and Pink Knockout, a red rose rootstock where the grafted rose failed. It anchors the corner of the grape arbor and gives that area color. Sombreuil, bud of Cecile Brunner, Julia Child, Belinda's Dream, Gene Boerner.
Front and back of Knockout bed.

Trellis at end of Knockout Bed holds
Reine des Violettes with its spicy pepper fragrance
that makes up for what Knockouts lack in scent.

Julia Child against a background of euonymous.

The Sweetheart Rose, Cecile Brunner on the Stick House.

Another look at Sombreuil.

The Urbanite and brick patio is now the summer home of more than two dozen Rhipsalodopsis and Schlumbergera plants -- only five different Christmas Cactusus and one Easter Cactus are represented but I keep taking cuttings.

It didn't leave much room for sitting but I can put chairs in front of the little wall. Dappled sun is perfect for the jungle cacti. They summered here last year in a rather pitiful surrounding.
I just needed to say that because I blogged about it on the greenhouse blog instead of following up my last post here.


  1. I have been meaning to get some Belinda's Dream. I hear they do so well in our heat an humidity. Your roses look so fabulous.

  2. Your finished urbanite patio looks great, as do your roses! with the exception of my shrub roses, I've still getting just a rose here and there on my hybrid teas.


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