Friday, April 25, 2014

Tomato Patch

Last year's tomatoes were from heirloom seed that I won. Not the best kind to put in soil that has nematodes. I did get some nice tomatoes before root knots rendered my plants useless.

A few weeks back I bought 2 little trays of tomato plants,
Celebrity and Better Boy, both nematode resistant.
I bumped them up to my standard pot and kept them
inside until Blackberry Winter and Easter Cool Spell was past.
They grew nice roots which I teased out at the
bottom before planting. Note my fav goatskin gloves.
In the bottom of each hole, a double handful of red clay saved from my excavation project at the greenhouse patio. Around each new planted tomato went 2 double handfuls of good compost.
Blooms already. I took off the bottom four sets of leaves and planted deep
so roots can form along the stems underground.
Soil like chocolate cake. I left Toadflax and
Poppy plants when I weeded the plot.
Pinecones alound each plant discourage Kittch from digging.
Behind my tomato row are blueberries.
The light sandy field beyond will soon be planted in peanuts. 
Have you planted good things to eat in your garden?


  1. Just today I put out some little lettuce and onion plants. No tomatoes yet for us, not till Mother's Day. Even then, I'm going to grow them inside the greenhouse, to make sure they get some heat. My pea plants are still tiny too.

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  3. I have nematodes too. What a pain they are. I also have planted lemon boy this year as that is also supposed to be nematode resistant. Have you tried any nematode resistant peppers? I struggle with the ordinary ones but don't have a lot of success.

  4. I don't grow many edibles these days. Someone kept planting trees so now my small garden is pretty shady. Like Alison, I won't put tomatoes out until after Mother's day because our nights aren't reliably warm enough until then.

  5. I had good luck with peppers in containers of potting soil, Rose. Tomatoes in containers work, too but peppers are a great 4-gallon plant.

  6. I planted Better Boy in the past and they were great. I have some cool-weather crops sitting in pots, but they don't plant themselves...
    (Sorry about my previous post - that's what I get for typing on an iPad in bed.)

  7. I have never been good with "food" plants unless you count sunflowers. I did have some nice cherry tomatoes a couple of seasons ago...perhaps one day I will get better at the concept.. food seems to be a harder concept to me than flowers.....


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