Monday, April 14, 2014

Urbanite Patio in Progress

AZ Plant Lady wrote that using broken concrete for patios and benches is the latest sustainable gardening trend. I used broken concrete from the old barn for some projects some years back and part of a broken concrete gas tank pad for an entry porch for the greenhouse. Urbanite is one of my favorite materials.

Biggest Urbanite pieces in place before making room for 'seams' of brick.

After I found a cache of ancient bricks when we pulled some pecan stumps
I gathered Urbanite we used for extra-large stepping paths in the upper garden, more bricks, various stones, and sand from a wash along the edge of a field.

This is a preview of the patio. I keep tearing out parts and doing over. It turned out higher than I expected so there are steps up at either end, both of which were a do over to make a safe tread.

Revised step on west end.

Incorporated this rock into my wall -- is this a geode? A broken piece on the left..

There was tearing out when I remembered about the broken pots that I meant to integrate into the wall.

The back side is not finished. I must load sand by hand where it settled at the end of the field because the sand is only about 2 inches deep so using a front end loader is nearly impossible to get good clean white sand. Tedious work with heavy buckets.

Some of my bricks not yet used. There are a few pieces of 
Urbanite and more stones. I am weary after three days of this.


  1. Now that is what I call a 'serious' project. I am completely impressed.
    It is looking very good.

  2. That patio looks fantastic! I love it. As you know, I am very much in favor of urbanite/recycled concrete. It's hard work though. Can He Who Mows not help with the heavy lifting? I noticed the geode-like rock that you incorporated in the overall view. I wish I had included broken pots in my urbanite wall. It ended up higher than I expected too. I'm putting pots in front of it in various spots.

  3. Thanks, Glenda. It rained during the night and when I woke, I thought of the Foolish Man who built his house on the sand and wodered if it all washed away. It didn't.

    Alison, He-Who has serious back problems. He lifted the big urbanite pieces with the tractor. Smaller pieces and crawlig around on the ground are up to me. I move large stones with hand truck.

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  5. Oh my gosh, that is hard work and I'd be tired after three days of it. That is heavy lifting and bending, etc.

    It's looking great though.


  6. You must be developing some serious muscles! It looks good. Every time I see a neighbor tearing out concrete I think about bringing some of it home to build low walls to level portions of my slope. But then I think about the difficulties hauling it home, then hauling it down the slope, and I walk on...I applaud your persistence - and I like the addition of the broken pots.


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