Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Good Year for Lilies

So far it is a good year for all flowers that come from bulbs and bulb-like structures like corms and tuberous root structures. Without research, I suspect that the rains we had in late winter was beneficial.

Easter Bonnet
Finally, a Lily that I remembered the name.

A closer look at Easter Bonnet, a LA Hybrid Lily

Queen Elizabeth Roses and LA Lilies

I don't remember if this was a named Lily or one of a group
of Mixed LA Hybrids that I planted years ago. You can 
recognize their Longiflorium origins by the Easter Lily habit.

Another look at Blackout Asiatic. This year the Asiatics and LA
Lilies are blooming at the same time. Again, I suspect weather.

Not Lilies, these Gladioli, members of the Iris Family, are among my favorites.


  1. I love Gladioli too. When I was a young girl and wanted to plant them in our garden, my mother said our garden would look like a funeral parlor. I still like them anyway.

  2. I love lilies! They are my favourite flowers in the garden. That Easter Bonnet is really pretty.

  3. Although I didn't have your rains, the one lily I is looking to be a stunner this year. It is very tall and yet to bloom - maybe in another two weeks. Our rough winter seems to have made a few perennials better than ever.

  4. Your lilies are gorgeous. I used to have lots but got those dreaded red lily beetles and just couldn't get rid of them ... so dug the oriental and asiatic lilies up and now just have daylilies.


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