Wednesday, May 28, 2014

At Long Last. Swoon. Brugmansia

Alison's Brugmansia bloomed this week. I was so envious. One of mine finally formed that Y stem they must have before blooms appear.

Then the oldest bud got that furled up 'skirt' and I kept looking, looking. Never mind the blue trug in the picture. I put it there to hold the boxwood clippings I took so I could get to a spigot. Everything I read says they need oceans of water and ample fertilizer.

This plant has three stems, starting bifurcation, no buds but it's trying.

This afternoon this one began to unfurl the ballerina skirt.

... and tonight

... an Angel trumpet, with more to come.

The nighttime fragrance is so intoxicating, a delightful scent. There are horror stories on the web about people falling asleep under a Brug, never to wake. 

Last year I kept Brugs over the winter inside as cuttings. I took a chance this past winter and just hoped they would come back from the roots, which they did. Remember, this is zone 8b. Some took a long time of thinking about returning before they showed any green. These are in a more sheltered location in raised beds and sprouted quickly. 

This is an anticlimax as far as fragrance. Gardenia hedges bloomed first. 


  1. Oh lucky you and Alison! Mine won't bloom for a while yet and I always love that fragrance but you have to eat the plant never to wake.

  2. Sweet! Yours are so full and leafy too. Mine flowered, but now they seem to be declining a bit. I've been giving them fertilizer tea lately. I hope they rally.

  3. How exciting! I had a beauty years ago, but lost it to drought conditions and was totally bummed over the loss. Recently I got 7 cuttings (for postage) 3 kinds of pink, and one yellow/orange. I'm happy to say that 5 of them so far have new growth and that is thrilling to me.

    Thanks for the tip about them needing a Y before they will put out blooms. How soon did you get blooms from a small plant?

    Happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

  4. I do believe I got blooms the first year, Rainey. I read yesterday that it takes 2-3 years from a cutting. I think the climate may speed yours up.

    Alison, they have flushes of bloom and then seem to rest a bit.

  5. I lost "Charles Grimaldi" this past winter and have not replaced it yet. It is always spectacular in late summer.


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