Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The copious rains this spring made a difference in many plants, not the least of which are Lilies.

'Blackout' Asiatic Lily

Blackout is planted in the Fiesta Garden with 
a red Daylily that may be Superlative. 

Or Kent's Favorite II? No matter, a nice red.

 The Fiesta Bed was originally called by the fanciful name of 'The Red Bed' but it was hard to fill it with all red in the manner of Gotta Garden who gardens in the midwest and planted a truly RED bed where everything blooms together. 

I compromised by adding oranges and yellows and sometimes blues and pinks. This bed doesn't really get going until mid-summer when the tropicals bloom. This spring it does have more red promises. 

My tomato patch is in a line with the Fiesta bed.

Tomatoes might be red by next month.

The Red Bed could use some Old Red Daylilies and dark Cannas.

One of the lessons in gardening that came hard for me was that what looks grand in a photograph from a different part of the country may not work out in my zone.

Speaking of different zones, Tootsie Time is back. Go, Flaunt Your Flowers this Friday and see what's left in her greenhouse: lots of lovely flowers. See too, what's blooming all over the world.


  1. Hi NellJean, those are striking colors and very beautiful. And i smiled when you said that some photos looking rand in a photograph may not work out in your zone! It is just a matter of taking nice photos, we don't know that they might not be nice also in their gardens, haha!

  2. Blackout is beautiful! I planted a ton of lilies but I have only seen cala lily which I planted last year and some day lilies. The easter lilies (here) look a little limp. It is amazing how quickly heavy rains here are forgotten.

  3. Blackout is a beauty! I always enjoy seeing what is blooming there in your bit of paradise.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  4. Wow! 'Blackout' is a stunner. I can't wait to see your Fiesta Bed all filled out with mid-summer blooms. I think dark Cannas would be a brilliant addition if they could do well in your corner of the country.


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