Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Busy Work in a Hot, Humid Climate

I worked on this for days. It isn't finished and may never be completed. At least the pole cuts are not piled on the ground where they were dumped. I like working with things that roll. Rolled into place, a single heave sets them upright. Always start with logs at the top of the hill, it's much easier. The bed at left is in the photo below.

Hydrangeas are beginning to bloom. This bed also has 
azaleas, St. Andrew's cross, Baptisia alba and Stokesia.

View from my kitchen window. After I place something, I go in and look out the window. If it looks 'wrong' I fix it when next I go out. Next project is to paint the metal chairs that overlook the field beyond our grapevines and fruit trees. 

There is a red coffee can and a basket with a grapevine ball in several of these views. They are place markers for a double helix row of Narcissus bulbs we will plant in the fall. I keep moving them. 

The project began here. The flat timber on the ground is a sill from the old barn. The short poles were cut from old electric poles left on the property when new poles were placed.

A different view of the layout above.

 These are barn sills salvaged from the old barn. They never quite pleased me as garden seats.

So I trucked the sill pieces over to the new project and put them atop the long sill piece. Seventy-five years ago these were square. Termites and dry rot have eroded the centers leaving the pieces as you see them, heart pine full of rosin.

The tree obscures the view of my tomato patch and herb wheel in progress.
At one time this garden bed had azaleas and hydrangeas. Vines commenced to take it and I am returning most of it back to grass except for 3 azaleas, nondescript except for 3 weeks in late March when they bloom.

I moved a planter of Stobilanthes and Purple Heart between the sill pieces. It just fit and I didn't measure before hand, just plunked the sills down.

As I moved the pole cuts into place, I used my handy dandy measuring wand to assure that the mower can easily go between everything. This is a piece of 1/2" pvc conduit exactly the width of the mower deck and marked every 6 inches so I can easily measure things. The white piece on the end is for when I use it as an extension piece for the brush I use to wash the greenhouse.

The view back toward the house.
The wood piece on the right is something I moved from the project area. 
It fell over and I haven't touched it. Yet.


  1. Looks like hard work, rolling all those pieces into place. But also fun.

  2. I love what you have done. That's a lot of hard work too. Don't work too long out there in the heat.

    You're an inspiration.


  3. It's looking good. You have a lovely view too, it must be great to sit there and relax after a hard day in the garden.


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