Tuesday, May 13, 2014


In a wet year in subtropical climate, the question is not what to plant but what to remove?
Overhead needs some removal, too.

We are overrun with lush greenness. There are no 'before' photos because all you would see is green. Above is more 'during' removal of green. If you look closely you will see Punica blooms on the right and an abundance of what looks like tall grass but is Crocosmia, a true thug. It not only seeds about but sends out stolons to plant itself beside itself until it covers all its neighbors. It is easily pulled and mowing is effective.

If I may lead you down a garden path: Oakleaf Hydrangeas have overrun the path until you can't see past the bend, hardly walk past the bend. Hydrangeas are eating Camellia bushes. They will get severe haircuts when the blooms fade a little.

Before the mower swept through, this path was only a mower width wide. He Who Mows took out Crocosmia, Strawberry groundcover, and I forget what else. I think there was something I meant to dig. It will return, I'm sure. Crocosmia remains on the right side.

 The Mower swept back in just in time to miss the flamingos that guard my only Hostas.

 He went around Stokesia, and a pink Begonia from last year.

I had to start more side paths through the beds. Stepping stone paths just never worked out well. A 54" wide path works well. You are looking at 'Little Gem' Magnolia in this view. I'll show you Magnolia from bud to bloom in a later post. 

Virginia Creeper vines and other undesirables just about 'took the place' as Mama used to say. A dogwood seedling planted by birds, some Hydrangeas and some other desirables were sacrificed so that I can get in there to save Gingers and other tropicals. 

Stick House in the far view has some new decor.
Spanish Moss! I grabbed some when I went to look at the pond. The best moss where I can reach was over big pools of water, so I have to wait to get more.

This was once the Fairy Garden. Even fairies would not frequent it in its state before mowing. Creeper is still climbing the Live Oak, much to be done to clean it up and no plans to plant right now, just keep it cleared.

Above are 3 azaleas that were also overrun. You'll see this space again. I have plans for it. Delivery of some of material for my new plan caused the destruction of White Dawn rose's cedar post on which it climbed. I'm afraid to pull out the post and see how much of White Dawn was destroyed when He Who Mows backed across the lawn, kept backing and then pulled forward, saw what he'd done and tried to push the post back upright. 

White Dawn before the tragedy.

White Dawn will grow back. Or not. You will not see pics until White Dawn is again presentable. This was its finest year.

I comforted myself by looking for other things to be grateful for. I picked a handful of California Poppy seed pods and put them in a paper bag. As I was typing just now, I heard the familar POP as a seed pod exploded in the bag. Why did you think they're called Poppies? I am collecting pink poppies seeds like crazy as soon as the little holes open up. Wonder why the red are so slow to dry and open?

There's an Agapanthus bud. Sammy is blooming, precious little landscape daylily he. True Lilies are blooming, orange/peach first. Ratibida is bursting out with those little 'hats' that amuse so after planting himself in the white bed beside the greenhouse.

I am still finding sprouts at the base of plants I thought were dead for sure. 
Take heart!


  1. Maybe we shouldn't be congratulating ourselves over having a heavy downpour. I'm afraid it will mean some serious weeding for us too. Sorry about your rose but every rose needs a good prune once in a while. I love the idea of your stick house. What a great use for Spanish moss and I am sure it is just as happy there.

  2. your closing sentences suggest that your New Dawn rose will return, despite the help. It is amazing how forgiving plants can be. The wild orchid I dug up - has pushed thru some leaves. It does live!

  3. What a wonderful place you have, filled with beauty every where you look. Sorry about your White Dawn though, but hopefully it will be fine and come back even stronger!

    I have tried to grow Crocosmia from seeds with no luck. What color are your blooms?

    Your hydrangea are really pretty. You have so much to look at that a walk around would take a nice bit of time to meander through.

    We had a teeny bit of rain yesterday, more is predicted, but the predictions for the past week or two have given us -0- except for that little bit yesterday. We need it badly.

    Happy Gardening Jean ~ FlowerLady

  4. Garden clean-up certainly has its hazards. I'm sorry to hear about 'White Dawn' and hope she recovers quickly.

  5. Lots happening in your garden, blooms, sprouts, seeds, editing, using a riding mower like a bulldozer... fun!


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