Friday, May 30, 2014

End of Month Views, May 2014

Little Business Daylilies work well with Knockout Roses. 
Roses need deadheading. I will get to it.

Little Business

Gardenias are everywhere as Oakleaf Hydrangeas 
finish bloom and Crape Myrtles start.

Gardenias on both sides of the north driveway. The ones under pines are slower to open. The fragrant walk to the mailbox is exciting. They bloom into July.

Looking back from the view in the photo above. 

My smaller cycad has 21 new fronds. The big cycad
is slow to put up fronds, the tiny ones are starting.

The Vitex tree at the end of this bed is starting to bloom.
Red Hot Pokers hide a Daylily, seen below.

I don't know its name.

Hemerocallis lilio-asphodelus

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  1. Oh, your Cycad is lovely! They say there's a gardenia that is hardy here, but I don't believe them.

  2. Everything is so beautiful! I especially love that cycad, particularly because you are able to grow it outdoors!

  3. I've so enjoyed your end of the month views. That bed of burnt orange Daylilies is fabulous and those Hydrangeas are just gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful views. I like the end of the month views idea. Kind of like my month garden tours.

  5. Day Lilies look wonderful! You are so lucky to get blue hydrangea, such a great colour. My daughter had them for her wedding, so they always remind me of a happy day.


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