Friday, May 16, 2014

Foliage Follow Up May 2014

I changed my mind about not doing Foliage, only so I could show off the Cycad.

Winter weather turned every frond on this baby brown. 
I count 24 new fronds emerging.
My big cycad had only minor damage but it is slow about new fronds. 

Persian Shield is returning from the dead, everywhere. 
My policy is, you cannot have too much Strobilanthes.

I've been waiting for a reason to show off lacecap Hydrangea 
Mariesii varigata for weeks now before it blooms.

The drama of canna leaves is size and color.

Purple Heart is emerging everywhere.
I planted chartreuse Alternanthera.

I am excited to see little pea-like foliage on Pride of
Barbados, even little plants I thought dead.
Some of them I surrounded with Joseph's Coat, also
emerging here and there but not all.

This canna goes by more then one name. Bengal Tiger is one.
Leaves backlit by the sun are dramatic.
It gets more dramatic when it blooms orange.

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  1. Your Cannas are so magnificent! I love them, especially the stripey ones.

  2. Every time I see Bengal Tiger foliage - especially backlit - I wonder why I don't have one yet! It's stunning. :-)

  3. You have some real beauties Jean. I like seeing things coming up in northern gardens, it's exciting seeing what has made it through the winter.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Persian shield is a real beauty, but I didn't know it would come back from freezes. I love those canna leaves too.


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