Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Reflection

A 5-second video of one of my improvised birdbaths with dripping water.

The sounds are bird calls and a click at the end when I stopped the camera.

Stone with a depression, water dripping through a piece of PVC pipe that replaced a more attractive bamboo pipe that soon rotted. Since I made pics and video, I added a mossy stone that keeps critters from moving the pipe.

Larger birds tend to splash out much of the water during their ablutions. The rate of drip is just enough to keep the bath filled with clean water. Once in a while we turn on the water full force to wash everything clean. It takes several efforts to return to just the right amount of drip through a nearby hose that feeds the pipe.

This is one of two bird baths fed by dripping faucets. The regular birdbath has a faucet with a brass quail handle and another stone with a depression that catches overflow, favored by certain tiny birds.

I do not have bird feeders. There is ample food for birds here that grows naturally or seeds from what I grow. Water is at more of a premium.

Do you provide water for birds and other small creatures?


  1. The birds love the fountain in our backyard. The top tier is filled with stones and seashells (except when the raccoons pull them out), which gives the birds a place to settle. Usually, we get just 1 or 2 at a time but, occasionally, it's the scene of a regular pool party!

  2. I am sorry I did not get to see/hear your dripping water into birdbath. For some reason, I cannot view Vimeo videos. It really bugs me. I've read others have problems viewing Vimeo too. I'm sure what you have created is very soothing for you and the birds.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  3. I was told birds do not like bird baths near shrubs and bushes - more places for predators to hide in. True? (But then, they build their nests in such.)

  4. The bushes were once small, and grew. I watched out the window today. A Blue Jay was primary user of the bath. A Cardinal approached from the ground, flew up into the Hydrangea bush and went from limb to limb until he was at the water.

    It used to be that the birdbath was in open ground and birds used tree limbs above for perching to dry off.

    Maybe I'll get around to moving the bird bath which is easier than pruning overgrown shrubbery. The faucet is connected to a hose, not a permanent installation.

    Flower Lady, I don't know why Vimeo doesn't open up for some.


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