Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Reflections in a Pond

I went to make sure that He Who Mows and the mower were not bogged up to the tractor axles, which they were not but not for lack of getting near the water.

 He's mowing wild Cherry saplings and other undesirables. Erigeron falls victim to the mower but he only mows across areas with bushes. A 14 foot cut makes a wide path. I noticed that fall delights like Elephantapus and Silk Grass are not harmed by the mower passing over.

This is not the Pond, this is the Limesink, which is ordinarily about 5 feet across and empty. Behind the tree to the right is the overflow area and the Pond is hardly in sight. We had another 0.4 inch of rain yesterday.

When I got back to the house, I thought to make a little picnic that we could eat up on the hill and look at all the mowing he's done.  By the time I got it together, he was driving into the yard. We ate on the front porch.

Hurriedly thrown together: Black Forest Ham and grated Pepper Jack Cheese on whole wheat bread, Bananas and a KitKat bar to share for dessert. The blue bowl held ice cubes for the tea. It was pleasant on the porch with a cool wind blowing from the north, unusual for mid-May.


  1. Would you believe I just bought Black Forest ham for sandwiches! I have never had that brand before so I do hope it is good.

    Beautiful tractor and mower!
    See that's the farmer in me; I noticed it first and the lovely meadow and ponds second. I called my husband in to see the equipment; he is envious,.

    Have a super weekend.

  2. Such lovely scenery! Oh, my garden space is not big enough for a tractor.


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