Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Blues

Louisiana Swamp Iris 

These responded well to all the rain we had.

Big Blue Hydrangeas are coming on.

'Woodlanders' Lacecap Hydrangea serrata, soon to open.

The only Hydrangea I haven't shown is Mariesii variegata. I keep wanting to show you every leaf and bud of it but decided to wait until it opens.

Unlike the famous football coach who is friends with the famous hort professor, I don't collect one of everything. I just grow multiples of some that perform well, usually vintage cultivars.   

Salvia farinacea 'Victoria'
with Carefree Delight Roses

After I said I was taking down the bottle tree, I changed my mind. Right now it is surrounded by Red Cascade Roses.


  1. I keep taking pictures of the swelling buds on my Empress Josephine Clematis, it's been budded up for weeks now, and they keep getting bigger and bigger, but haven't opened. I'm probably going to do a victory lap around the garden when they finally open. I don't have one of everything, but I am in the process of trying lots of different plants, many of them unfamiliar to me. I figure I'll eventually settle on a bunch of favorites.

  2. The blues look great. Do you cut any? Wanted to know how that iris works for a cut flower.

  3. Gorgeous hydrangeas! I love blue flowers and that big blue hydrangeas is something else. I sure wish I could grow those in my neck of the woods. So pretty.

  4. What a nice post filled with so much beauty! Your bottle tree looks great above the red roses.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. I was looking in the rose garden at all the pinks and reds....sometimes I would catch a glimpse of white, yellows and oranges..but I have been wishing...why can't they make a blue rose.....I have ponder how to incorporate more blue in my very pink area.

  6. Ray, I cut some iris and put in a jar of water so we can see. The blooms do not last long in the garden.

  7. I had to look up punica. It has a beautiful bloom.

    I used to be more a collector but have finally stopped that nonsense.
    Your farinaceas are a deeper color than mine. I think I need to start with fresh seeds.

    Glad you left the blue bottles next to the red rose!

  8. It's all looking great! Your bottle tree is beautiful and I'm glad you didn't remove it!


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