Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pinterest Makes Me Crazy

I look at Pinterest until my head is bizzy. So many questions come to mind: Do people really intend to do all those projects they pin and cook all those recipes? How does someone who pinned 3769 pins on one board ever find the one they wanted to see again? Does everybody go back and prune their pins now and then?

I found a wire basket tutorial on Pinterest at http://fourcornersdesign.blogspot.com/2012/09/wonderfully-wired.html.Her instructions used a single piece of hardware cloth.

I used scraps from another project, so made my 
own pattern but the assembly is the same, lots of 
little wire ends to twist under and over.

Like vs. Pin: Here’s how I do it. Sometimes I see something interesting and I just pin. If I’m looking at a series of pins on the same subject, frequently I skim through, liking everything that looks remotely like something I might want. That prevents a backlog of similar pins that everybody who follows my Pins sees and they unfollow me because I‘m spamming their front page with 23 photos of  an Herb Circle all at once.

Later I go back and look at each Pin I’ve liked, Pinning only the best. I try to keep my Likes under 400 and prefer that there are fewer.

Late note in September: When I finally took tiny bits of time late at night to prune the Likes to under 100, that's my new target number not to exceed.

I looked at a Pinterest member’s site today who had only 6, count ’em, SIX likes! I may weed my likes again.

Lightshade tealight project

I make categories, specific to a certain subject, so there are not 472 Pins to wade through when all I want to see is 6 pieces of Vintage Jewelry, not 472 ’Things I Like.’

The other thing that makes me crazy are Pins whose source is ’Pinned by Pinner’ and when I search for the photo, it came from a blog that does not belong to the Pinner and the blog borrowed it off the net with no source given. I want to see credit to the original photographer.

It would save time and looking if everybody who pins their own photos pinned them from their blog, photo storage site or some other source that is reachable and easily identified as to owner.

Herb Circle in rough Progress. I have more bricks.
Bricks unloaded and laid out to see if there are enough. 
I planted a flat of Thyme seeds today. 

Here’s the thing that really gave me Vertigo: I made a list of the projects that I’ve pinned that I want to do: like painting an old Trunk, making striped pads for my Chaise lounges, Hypertufa, Chicken wire cloches, the aforementioned Herb Circle, getting out some Vintage kitchen linens and putting them on a tiny ladder usually used for Christmas Décor, and on and on to a total of 45 projects.

I was so demoralized that I started another Board to which to move the Pins from my Completed Projects. It was too much work to make a collage of the Pins and the completed project, so visitors have to guess what my completed project looked like.
My newly painted chairs atop the brick and urbanite patio I made
 for summering succulent plants. They just posed for pics here.

There’s a Pin Fails blog showing Pins and how the blogger’s projects turned out, quite hilarious at times. I  don’t want my Projects compared to the originals that look so professional. Mine are done to my specs and my standards are fairly low or I would never finish anything.

Since there are only 8 projects completed of 53, I made yet another list: Projects in Progress, which are those of the Project list that I am actually working on. There are 14 of those if you include that I cut the batting for my Chaise cushions to size and He Who Mows moved my pole cuts to the general area where that project has not jelled yet.

I need outside and inside projects so when I get too hot 
working outside there's work inside where it is cool.

I made a short list of  Next Up projects that I really want to do, like a compost sifter to take the place of the loose piece of hardware cloth I use now and a wind chime choir for under the eaves of the tool shed if I ever get the wind chimes that have fallen into disrepair mended.

There is no written list of all the spring garden chores yet to be done, including dig all Sweetness daffodil bulbs, dry and store and replant in the fall; fertilize, mulch and edge flower beds. Collecting seeds is ongoing. California Poppies are maturing daily and Larkspur is starting to make seeds. Deadheading, Pruning and Stick Patrol is never-ending.

Oh! I need to make a list of things like soak my feet in Listerine and Vinegar water -- I Pinned that -- take a nap, eat breakfast in the greenhouse again and stop looking at Pinterest.

I copied the breakfast idea from a Pinterest Pin. The original photo, mostly in sepia tones,  has been pinned dozens of times and I've never seen credit given to the photographer nor the wedding consultant who published the original on her blog.

 What’s on Your Pinterest Boards?


  1. I have avoided Pinterest like the plague! I can barely get done the weeding. I do admire your ambition.

    I like the looks of the new herb bed. Wish you were nearer I just planted a gazillion thyme! They were so interwoven together I divided them in 3-inch clumps and stuck them in around the gravelly base of the cistern planter on the back patio. I had dreams of a fancy herb bed........

  2. Pinterest is overwhelming to me. I occasionally look there for ideas but let myself get distracted by so many other things that the original reason for being there sometimes gets lost. Although, I recently pinned my first photograph, a greenhouse/shed combination idea.
    Your project completion is admirable! You go gardener!

  3. I use pinterest for inspiration. I understand all too well failed projects with so many questions. I haven't managed pinning correctly yet. However, out of all the things I see on the web, it is the one place I find the best (unachievable) gardens...at least for me. But I try to take a bit of deviation. You have recommended them many times to me...thanks for that...for some reason I tend to forget it's there.

  4. Oh, I like your approach of liking things and pinning only a few so you don't inundate followers. I've never quite understood the point of Liking Pins, but that is an excellent way to use it, to go back over what you've Liked. My own Pinterest boards are very disorganized. When I first joined Pinterest I just had one big board called Gardening. Boy, that got full of a wide variety of disorganized stuff pretty quickly.

  5. I have also often wondered about people who have tens of thousands of pins, or group boards with 10,000+ pins on it. Who ever actually clicks on that to see what has been pinned. I check out a pinned before I decide whether or not to follow them. Too many repetitive pins and the decision is a no.

    For me, I pin things for myself without much thought about whether my stuff will be liked or reprinted by anyone. My pin boards take the place of all of those torn out magazine pages I used to hoard. Pinterest is one of my happy places.

  6. One more thing ... I was going to click over to see your Pinterest boards, but there's no link to get there in this post or on your sidebar.

  7. I put a link to my Pinterest on the sidebars on my blogs. Thanks for the reminder, H.R.

    I hope you are not disappointed that all the best things are Hidden Pins. That's another trick I learned, Pinning in a Hidden Board, you don't spam others. Choicest Pins can be moved out of Hidden but not the other way 'round.


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