Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Southern Magnolias Revisited -- Show and Smell

It is hard to show and tell about evergreen Magnolias when you can't SMELL them. The clean, lemony fragrance permeates the immediate garden space after we've passed the oak that supports Confederate Jasmine and those little pink roses that used to be called 'Seven Sisters' now known simply as a nuisance.

Magnolia Buds remind me of little fuzzy ducklings. The fuzz turns dark and the outside covering splits open to reveal a creamy white bud.

By the time the petals start to unfurl, the fragrance is noted.

The center part loses its stamens and a cone forms that will hold red seeds when it matures.

This Magnolia grandiflora is 'Little Gem' and grows to about 30 feet.


  1. Beautiful! Magnolia flowers are so lovely.

  2. A magnolia is on my wish list! I need to find a small one,
    so it will not be so expensive. I see them growing around town and they are so dang beautiful.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  3. I have always wanted a magnolia but my yard is so crowded I couldn't figure how to squeeze one in.

    They aren't all suited to my zone, but I see the huge flowered pink ones a lot.


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