Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where Did I See a Grapevine-wrapped Flue Tile?

I saw this idea somewhere. I searched my Pinterest files and cannot find it. It isn't in my 'borrowed' files where I squirrel away garden ideas that really appeal.

About 2 years ago I put Firecracker Fern and Ghost Plant together in the flue tile. I can't remember if there was anything in there last year.

From 2012

Recently I noticed that Coreopsis had self-seeded in there and I left it. Then I read about mulching around a flue tile and wreathing it with grapevine, which I just happened to have.

Those are not weeds; Catchfly seedlings/Silene armeria

During the winter when I pruned my grapevines I saved the prunings, rolled them into wreath shapes and left them lying around until I found a use for them.


I'm not sure that 'decorating a flue tile makes it a better container. The shrubs around the pipe will out distance it soon and have bright tropical blooms. I liked it well enough when it was plain.

What do you think? Is a wreath of grapevine an improvement or just busy work?


  1. Tara calls it poverty cycle! I love it! I made balls of dried vines for display in urns! Great minds think alike!

  2. Nell, if you would totally camouflage the flue tile with the grapevine, I could see it....otherwise maybe just another small decoration and a way to use up the vine. Just random thoughts.

    I have one of those flue tiles and wondered what to do with it.

  3. Honestly, I would leave the flue planter plain. I love the lines of it. I'm sure plants will grow up around the base of it anyway. I know you can use your grapevine wreaths elsewhere. Just my humble 2 cents worth.

    It's neat to see that tropical poinciana growing in your gardens.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Without the wreath, I think the tile looks like it was just arbitrarily plopped down anywhere. The wreath reinforces the tile location as substantive.

  5. I did a search on pinterest for it. Not sure if this helps.

  6. It finally turned up: Bonney Lassie wrote about the Nichols Garden last July and that's what I pinned. I never remember things as they really are.

    The flue tile stood alone; the grapevine lay on the ground on top of pine straw. Well, it wasn't grapevine. It is an iron framework that looks like grapevine that lays over a small pond to keep out raccoons. It had tall horsetail reeds growing up out of it.

    How I interpreted that into grapevine around a flue tile is beyond me.


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