Monday, May 5, 2014

Where the Pink Things Grow

It's hard to maintain a garden with a definite color scheme if you are impulsive and tend to plant things where there's room. My intention is to have a front garden with a palette borrowed from Valerie Easton: Deep purple, palest yellow, chartreuse and all shades of orange. All shades of orange is not difficult where California poppies reseed followed by reseeding Tithonia.

There are the Eschscholzia californica with Salvia farninacea behind. Oops, there is Echinacea -- but they have golden centers. That's one exception allowed. The second exception is the giant thorny rose bush at upper left. I am not about to dig out 'Carefree Delight' planted before the color palette was set. Mockingbirds scold when I come near. Pretend that you did not notice there are poppy pods at right. Yes, pink. Come fall, there will be pink Gulf Muhly grass too.

Here's the opposite view of 'Carefree Delight' -- blooming carefree amid thorns. This is one of those bushes that has dark green shiny leaves. 

Do note that these roses have beautiful golden centers, too. 

Pink things are supposed to grow in the Upper Garden. The oval lawn has pink things around the east end. The opening to the oval lawn has a Dogwood on each side underplanted with Spiraea bumalda 'Anthony Waterer.

I pruned them to about a foot tall during the winter. They've come back after all the rain with a zealous intent to be heavy bloomers.

Just visible beyond the spiraea is 'Belinda's Dream' Roses. I did some deadheading there yesterday. This rose is truly a Dream, a beautiful pink.

Beyond Belinda's Dream is White Dawn Rose on a cedar post trellis.

'White Dawn' is the well-behaved pale sport of 'New Dawn' which was a sport of Dr. Van Fleet. I saw a yard once that was totally overrun by Dr. Van Fleet. White Dawn is very well behaved but does has wicked thorns, made up for by that beautiful glossy foliage.

I must confess that there are yellow daylilies and orange things like Gerbera Daisies and Kniphofia in the Upper Garden, but it mostly keeps to pink and shades of purple -- and summertime blue Hydrangeas which I am not going to put lime around to get pink.

I am encouraging white flowers in the back in the vicinity of the greenhouse. Easy enough with things like Philadelphus which are sure whites, but dangerous when one is a seed scatterer and seeds from white Gerberas throw back to pink and orange ancestors. I am about to plant a Gerbera Daisy that has not bloomed in an old rusty well bucket with some white Alyssum. We'll know the color of the daisy soon. Nearby is a white Echinacea that Susie grew from seed. It's all fun. Can you control your color schemes?


  1. I'm trying to stick to orange, pink and blue in the front, but some yellows are creeping in. Your Cycad is enormous!

  2. Sort of. Like you, I've made a number of exceptions. In addition, I inherited many plants with the house that don't fit my preferences. And my preferred color scheme keeps morphing. Perhaps you can envision the result.

  3. I love your gardens and especially your Carefree Delight rose. :-)

    Keep enjoying all that beauty that is surrounding you.

    Happy Mother's Day to you to dear Jean ~ FlowerLady

  4. There's so little that I can control anymore - I don't even try to control flower colors. Foliage colors, textures, etc. I try to throw together in a pleasant way but the flower colors are all over the spectrum. If it gets really bad, I just avert my eyes until something or other finishes blooming and things go back to being o.k.

  5. I understand exactly what you mean. I have tried to "plan" things but it didn't come out that way. It the front field I planted annuals and they reseeded they kept growing back and I opted to stop mowing them down. You front is still very pretty and I love belinda's dream.


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