Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Good Thunderstorm Helps with June Blooms

We were without electricity for 5 hours last night. I made pictures this morning while flowers were fresh instead of starting stick patrol for all the twigs and limbs blown off in the storm. Total rainfall was 0.6 inch. Grateful for every drop.

The cycad between the Hydrangeas has put out strong new fronds. The big one in the background is still thinking about new growth with a little tuft of promise that may hide new fronds.


Small cycads are unfurling 9 new fronds each. All the old fronds turned brown in winter's cold.

He who mows noticed pink lilies lying on the ground.
I found a piece of fence to prop them. I think these are Elodie.

I didn't notice until I looked at the pic that this
Asimina angustifolia has mealy bug on the leaf. 
A little soapy water with a spritz of alcohol will take care of that problem. I haven't seen a recent Zebra Swallowtail but one may come calling at any time.

Two daisy forms: Rudbeckia and Shasta Daisy

White Crape Myrtle and Gardenias. Under the Crape are 'Pandora's Box' daylilies, Purple Heart and Alternanthera, a recent planting. 

More storms expected later today.


  1. It may be my imagination but I swear I can sense the freshness of a morning after rain in your pictures. How I wish Mother Nature would surprise us with a thunderstorm (even at the cost of a temporary loss of electricity).

  2. I just got back from the Destin area - many of the big old sago palms have completely died there, while others are dead on their main trunk but are putting out new "pups" along the side. Quite the cold snaps the south got last winter - how long has it been since sagos died due to weather like that?!

  3. Your garden certainly seems to have appreciated the rainfall. Hopefully the storms that are on the way are not too bad.

    We've had drizzle here all day today, which is rather uncommon for this time of year. It's been an absolutely delightful dreary day!!

  4. It's supposed to rain here today, too. I love it! I have mealy bugs on my rue so I may have to try your remedy. Love those lilies. :o)

  5. Your garden looks refreshed and inviting! We also have had strong storms. Last night was scary, and we lost some tree limbs. More storms headed our way today. I am always grateful for summer rain, but I can do without the wind!

  6. I don't know what to be more jealous about. The flowers or the rain. Mom just got back from Atlanta and said it was treacherous. As far as summer months go, I never did care for June. July always has such rain fall. Love the blue hydras....some appear almost whitish? Perhaps the time of day.

  7. Kris, I've just been looking at Texas Hill Country xeric blogs and can appreciate how green we are. I hope you got rain.

    Gaia, most of the time those awful brown fronds are cut off and the cycads put out new growth, not really dead.

    Mealy bugs are a pain. If you can douse them with a little alcohol before the adults leap away, their waxy coats melt.

    Deb, stick patrol is an always task here after a storm. I call them sticks, sometimes it's a big limb that requires two of us to load.

    Janie, Atlanta got more rain than we did. We keep getting little showers of a tenth or less but every drop helps.

    Sometimes the angle light makes hydrangeas look lighter in photos. As they age, they fade, too.


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