Saturday, June 28, 2014

Another Big Orange

Orange flowers signal the beginning of true Summer.

Bengal Tiger Canna also goes by the name Tropicana.
The chartreuse striped leaves make an attractive plant even
before the orange flowers show up.

Well, he whopped me on the back and he says, “Buddy, have a drink!” “Well,” I says, “I believe I will have another big orange.” And I got it and set back down.-- Andy Griffith, What It Was, Was Football, 1953.

Finally I was able to see a Black Swallowtail on Pride of Barbados getting a taste of Big Orange. I saw a Black Swallowtail yesterday on lavender Lantana. I hope it's the beginning of a happy Butterfly Summer. I wanted to point her toward Parsley.

Tithonia plants are late this year. There are a few in the Front Garden big enough to set buds. This year I planted some seedling Zinnias, too.

One zinnia has a big bud. I hope it's orange. Perhaps of ten, there will be at least one orange. Butterflies will enjoy any color. There's some muhly grass in this bed for fall delight and Lantana is looking good. I think the daylilies would benefit from cutting back before another round of bloom. They were a great show last month.

Kniphofia has been at its best this year. I did not realize how much water it needed. The daylily is an orange beauty with 'Persian' in its name that I forgot.

Crocosmia, my favorite Thug. 

Another look at Pride of Barbados with Tecoma stans. These tropicals last until frost late in October. It seems like forver before they bloom but we enjoy four months of continuous bloom once they start. 


  1. Hello Jean !
    I am so excited about the bounty of caterpillars this year and husband saw a Monarch while he was sitting on the deck this afternoon.
    We have had such a void of these beautiful creatures the past year it is fantastic to see them coming back now.
    Love that big orange you have ! : )

  2. Love the vibrant colors. Summer just needs to pop!

  3. Looking good! The summer is coming in mild here in Texas,so far, with ample moisture. The heat loving plants are still coming on though.Love your blog, keep it coming.

  4. Beautiful photo of the Swallowtail on the Pride of Barbados!


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