Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Colors of June, Part II

Part II, Cool Colors in the June Garden:

Nothing annouces June in the Garden like Mophead Hydrangeas. Big blue are the result of slightly acidic soil. In an alkaline environment, the flowers will bloom pink. There are chemicals for manipulating the colors. Sometimes when I have a dripping stone birdbath or some old mortar in the soil near a hydrangea I may get some lavender or pinkish blooms because of the limestone.

Spring is all pink here when azaleas bloom, June features the blue of hydrangeas.

 Lacecap blooms on Hydrangea serrata "Woodlanders."
My other lacecaps are H. Mariesii Variegata.

White Crape Myrtles are starting to bloom. 
This one is underplanted with white LA Lilies for a cool look.

Verbena bonariensis is one of the cool purples in the landscape. Lantana montevidensis is just starting to bloom in lavender, and white. I plan to root more white for the white garden around the greenhouse.

Salvia farinacea 'Victoria' in its second 
year, seed grown and planted out.

Sometimes it is hard to decide whether a flower is warm or cool color. In the shade, this looks more purple and much cooler.

Hibiscus syriacus. We always called it Althea. 
You may know it as Rose of Sharon.

Madagascar Periwinkles are starting to come up where seed fell last fall. There is a white periwinkle with a purple eye blooming that was a Mother's Day memento from the Church.

What really gives me a feeling of coolness in the garden are all the greens from chartreuse to darkest emerald. 

What are your favorite summer flower colors? Hot or cool?


  1. Nice! My Woodlanders hydrangea is finally blooming this year.

  2. I like hot colors myself, but they are harder to come by. I love the Farinacea. I grow it . too.

  3. Wow, beautiful flowers! And I love Hydrangeas. They are spectacular plants.

  4. You are ahead of us in the hydrangea bloom department. Ours won't start blooming for a few weeks yet. Lots of pretty color in your garden! I like both warm and cool colors in the summer. The warm colors jazz things up and look great with big tropical foliage - Hawaiian shirts grass skirts; the cool colors seem somehow more refined and remind me of crisply pressed clothesline-dried linen.

  5. That is a perfect setting for the mophead hydrangea. I steer clear of them here. I do have Annabelle in full bloom now and an oakleaf.

    My salvia f. has morphed over the years to a very pale blue. I need to refresh the color with some new seed next year or this.

    I enjoy all colors and all flowers usually intermixed with very little attention to design!

    I love your more managed beds. I also envy you that screened in porch. I want to do mine but our daughter and GD just scream No! they want it left open.

    To answer your original question, I seem to have more soft shades in bloom now except for some bright yellow rudbeckias.

  6. Glenda, your girls are right, screened porches are not as attractive. On the other hand screens keep out mosquitoes, flies, wasps and a multitude of other flying things while letting in a breeze.

    We don't sit out there nearly as much as I had hoped; too soon it gets hot in spring. I still can see weeds that need pulling and other tasks right through the screen.

    We couldn't sit out there last night during the power failure because of lightning and blowing rain.


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