Sunday, June 15, 2014

Common Flowers for an Uncommon Bloom Day

Tara always instructs having a view on axis from your window. I was snapping fresh beans the other day and looked up to see this Crape Myrtle in bloom  through the glass paned door of my porch, first I'd noticed that any except white was in bloom.

I thought we had many Crape Myrtles until I read that Mr. Gibbs has 240 in one area at his place and a total of more than 1000. I might root and plant 200 but the maintenance would be more than I could manage.

Under the White Crape Myrtle I planted Pandora's Box Daylily, 
Purple Heart, Persian Shield and chartreuse Alternanthera.

We still have Gardenias blooming. 

Vitex, blooming in the Front Garden with Carefree Delight Roses.

Agapanthus are just starting to bloom with a background of Blue Hydrangeas.

Big Blue Hydrangeas follow Oakleaf Hydranges which have reached the stage where they look pinkish and then turn tan. Echinacea is blooming everywhere. 

This is the first Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia) to bloom.

At night their ballerina skirts open 
to reveal incredible fragrance.

Kniphofia and Lilies and Daylilies, a sampler


Almost every house between here and town has yellow Lantana. It blooms nonstop until frost and butterflies love it and the white and lavender forms too.

This was a whirlwind tour and we didn't even visit the Upper Garden. I hope you'll visit often. Happy Bloom Day.

Bloom Day originates at Carol's May Dreams Gardens. Join the fun.


  1. What lovely blooms you have this June day. Like you I love day lilies and crepe myrtles.Unfortunately the latter have proved too large for my garden. I now just have one outside the walls. Happy Bloom day.

  2. You have so many wonderful blooms in your June garden. I especially like your Crape Myrtle and pretty!

  3. Jean, I so enjoy your daily posting of plants around your yard.So beautiful.Thanks,B

  4. I love crepe myrtle, because I can't grow it where I live in Upstate New York. Thank you for sharing yours with me. Our day lilies should be blooming in a couple of weeks or so. We bought two varieties in Charleston, SC when we visited in April - were assured they will thrive here, so can't wait to see what they do. Thank you for visiting my GBBD post. RamblinwithAM.

  5. You have a lovely collection of flowers for Bloom Day. My eye is always drawn to any Crape Myrtle in a garden setting. I wish I could find a place for one in my current garden.

  6. Oh my gosh Jean! I would love your hedge of gardenias. Do you grow your crepe myrtles from cuttings or suckers, or maybe both?

    You certainly have a green thumb! Everything looks healthy and lush.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  7. I take Crape Myrtles for granted -- they are everywhere in the South. I can remember a time when they were considered 'common' and later rediscovered as desirable. My white crapes are seedlings from under the Colonel's Lady's plants. The rest are mostly suckers, the lilac colored came from elsewhere on the property from an old bush growing untended for years.

    Growing cuttings or digging suckers is mostly a matter of timing. I read many books on propagation.

    Gardenia hedges are easy. While they are in bloom, pick bouquets taking a long enough stem to root a cutting. When the bloom fades, just leave the cutting in water. It takes weeks, but they usually all root. When they form water roots, I put them in pots until they are well established plants and then plant them out.

  8. I love your big pink crepe myrtle I wish that I could grow it here. And Gardenia outside! How wonderful. The smell must be incredible.

  9. I love your crepe myrtle and the hedge of gardenias--wow! I live in zone 5b, so you are way ahead of us. Such a treat to see all the daylilies blooming, too!

  10. Beautiful blooms all around!
    I especially love the angel's trumpet - so very pretty!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.


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