Monday, June 30, 2014

Melampodium, Sweet Butter Daisy

Sweet little nickel sized blooms and coarse bright green flowers make Melampodium a good mixer. It reseeds freely. Volunteers in unwanted locations transplant easily. You can see by the little Checkerspot that it may attract some beneficial insects. This photo is from last July.

Melampodium reseeded in the crack between a little brick ruins wall and the driveway. It literally comes up blooming. The spent flowers shed off so it doesn't have to be deadheaded. That's important in hot weather.

The plants eventually reach about two feet tall in rich soil. Last year I pulled them all on November 14 so that the inevitable frost on the 15th didn't leave so many dead plants in sight. That's four and a half months of non-stop bloom and no care. They don't mind a little drought.

I think there is a white version if you are not a fan of yellow, but those sunny little  blooms are hard to resist.


  1. I've heard that from others, that they come up blooming. I should try this annual from seed. I wonder if they like heat in summer. Tithonia, which you also have a lot of, struggles here because of our cool summers.

  2. Melampodium does like heat, the hotter the better.

  3. Wow ! That's so different. Nice.

  4. Grew these in a pot a few years back, but they did not like me.


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