Monday, June 9, 2014

Pecan Grove

Once in a while I am able to SEE what I was told.

I follow Tara Dillard's blog faithfully. When my ship comes in, she's coming to design my gardens. Last week Miss D. featured a meadow with pecan trees belonging to a client.

It reminded of my pecan patch, right down to the wild flowers and grasses in the turf except that the client's pecan grove starts just outside her house.

Early Spring when potted plants come out to play under the old juniper tree.

Autumn. Dormant grasses. Originally following the driveway, this fence was moved 3 times in 50 years. 'The Patch' is where we used to pen up cattle bound for market. The second fenced area was another holding area.  

I got the part about the ecosystems. Note the firebreak in the distance, preparing for a controlled burn on the far meadow in late winter. 

Spiderwort and Nassella tenuissima among other wildings. 

Mexican Feather Grass Nassella tenuissima




Evening Shade, June.


  1. Love those tulips with the purple edging. It would be nice to have a pecan grove here, but I'm afraid it is too cold.


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