Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer. Tropicals. Thunderstorms. Blossoms.

It seems like forever when we're waiting for tropical flowers. It seems like forever when we have a dry spell, too. Rains have come again.

Only one Brugmansia bloomed early. The rest are starting to put on buds after coming back from roots. This one is on its second round of blooms, a dozen this time.

All mothers at our Church got a Periwinkle plant in a tiny pot. I put mine in the ground and it is blooming well. Wish I had more of this white with a fuchsia eye.

There are tiny plants reseeding from where they dropped seed last year. None are blooming size yet. Where I wanted Periwinkles and none came up, I pulled back the mulch and gently stirred the soil. New seedlings are everywhere.  

Finally a bloom on Caesalpinia. There are second year Pride of Barbados plants in several spots that I hope will bloom this year. Only one failed to return from the root.

 Tecoma stans is blooming Esperanza's yellow bells in several places. 

Kniphofia plants above are of the same cultivar, one growing in shade and the one on the right in full sun.

Red Pentas are starting to bloom, all back from roots. I usually take cuttings. Prior to a really harsh winter, I got the notion to just see what came back. It was a mistake re pink colors, but now I know which are the hardiest. The red are the Pentas I've grown the longest, from a single plant of Ruby Red years ago. 

I am still waiting for Porterweed Blooms. Only half my Porterweeds returned from roots. I have 3 that wintered in the greenhouse. One of them was blooming when I set them out. That stalk bloomed to the top and now we wait for more.

Duranta has not bloomed yet either, another tropical plant that dies back to roots here. The shrubs look great, just not ready to bloom. 

Tithonia was slow to reseed, too. I was slow to plant Zinnia and Marigold seeds, so no bloom there either.

We anticipate new broods of butterflies any time now. Susie, who works maintains a Butterfly Garden on a plantation north of here, says they're scarce again there, too. We're ready.


  1. Your brug is gorgeous! I have 5 rooted cuttings that I am looking forward to having blooms from in the future.

    Enjoy your lovely bloomers ~ FlowerLady

  2. The brugmansia is a beauty and such a delicious color.

  3. Do you fertilize your Brugmansias heavily? Mine started dropping leaves, so I stepped up the fertilizer and gave them a couple of doses of Epsom salts. I'm still waiting for a couple of them to bloom for the first time.

  4. I am sorry to hear the butterflies are scares again, Jean. None here in the NE yet. I planted my marigolds and zinnias late, too. Love all the June color in your garden. P. x

  5. Some of my brugs would indeed benefit from some fertilizer. Maybe if Tootsie made actually applying fertilizer a condition of taking part in her meme....

    Butterflies will be along soon. Every year we despair over whether there will be any.

  6. Wow, I don't know how I miss you having some of these plants. We are having to replace my pool liner and I explained to my husband, that June is dry, and July is wet. It has been no different this year. I turn off my irrigation systems. Lately we have been getting a minimum, and I mean minimum of an inch daily! Is your weather the same? or is it just us coastal people

  7. Every year is different here. We're having not daily rain, but frequent rains from a quarter inch to an inch on good days. Every drop is appreciated. We had a short dry spell. I watered twice over about 10 days.


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