Saturday, July 19, 2014

Five Years Ago

Isn't this just wonderful? Why am I not growing these NOW?


  1. It's a beautiful flower but the plant does get gangly. I had 2 in my former garden that grew to the size of small trees until I got frustrated with their sloppy appearance and cut them down. There's another variety with a more compact growing habit I keep meaning to try.

  2. What IS this? Tibouchina is all I can come up with, and I'm not sure at all....

  3. Tibouchina, yes, and here it has to grow in a pot. I don't know if this was T. urvilleana or T. grandifolia or perhaps another. I bought it just as 'Tibouchina' and didn't know there were different ones to be had. I kept seeing them around town and just had to have one. Then I let it die. Maybe next summer I'll try again.

  4. I think we don't think about them...especially when you have so much variety..pretty things....they are

  5. I have Tibouchina growing in garden soil... Survived that cold winter! I'm north of you...
    Tibouchina will appreciate a sheltered location...
    Roots easily from cuttings... Matter of fact... I root it in sand (in the garden) over the winter, just like brugmansia...


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