Thursday, July 17, 2014

Devil's Trumpets, Angel Trumpets

The only Datura I have this year returned from its roots.

Purple Swirl Datura
This Devil's Trumpet is my favorite one because of the black stems. 

Last year I planted Daturas and Brugmansias together so there were Datura blooms near the ground under the Brugs. I didn't start new Datura plants from seed in the spring so that didn't happen this year. The small white Daturas are good for underplanting. I depended on their weediness and it didn't happen.

Part of the garden just had to plant itself with Melampodium.

 Here is a sequence of bloom over the past few days:

At night they're even more spectacular as the ballerina skirts of the Angel Trumpets open wide expecting pollination from night-flying insects. Add to that the fragrance and they're breath-taking.

I'm already making plans for next year and still planting for this year. Today I used a spading fork to loosen grass along bed edges to make grass easier to pull. There's a little plot of daffodils that can hold some shallow rooted annuals for fall color. 


  1. Oh My! Such a beautiful plant! All those blooms, when they're open, the scent must take your breath away.

  2. Mine got a late start coming up this year. they are getting ready to have buds.I have yellow and pink. Your Purple is beautiful.


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