Thursday, August 14, 2014

Anticipation of Bloom Day

It's impossible to show every blossom in a single post, nor will viewers have time to look.

An abundance of Crape Myrtle and Madagascar Periwinkle grows here.

Angel's Trumpets, Devil's Trumpets, Crinums --
nights are filled with fragrance.

Butterflies are Back!

Is your garden ready for Bloom Day?


  1. My pink Angel Trumpet had several blooms on it until a windstorm blew those branches off Tuesday.Broke down several limbs.The Yellow has not started blooming yet.
    Love your photos of blooming plants.

  2. Auntb, your Angel Trumpet will grow new limbs. My friend Barbara's grandsons cut hers down, saying they were cutting down 'poison oak' -- it grew back quickly.

  3. I love the butterflies and your abundant flowers. My garden is in its summer doldrums and definitely is NOT ready for Bloom Day.

  4. It's all lovely but your large pink brugmansia is a show stopper

  5. I can almost smell your fragrant evening garden here! Your pink brugmansia is glorious!

  6. Lovely butteflies! We've had a lot this summer, too. And your Brugmansia is stunning!


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