Saturday, August 16, 2014

Foliage Follow-up Following Bloom Day August

I'm inspired to make a Foliage Follow-up post because of the Hydrangea on Alison's Bloom Day Post. She didn't identify it, just linked it to Cistus. I couldn't find it.

Alison's variegated Hydrangea looks to have green leaves with a yellow edge which I wondered if it was the light or are they really yellow? The blossom is a true blue, just like my Variegated Hydrangea, now past bloom.

Subtle variations in Hydrangea leaves include a gray-green the same color as Halcyon Hosta. Unfortunately Halcyon died here. I believe this Hydrangea to be Mariesii Variegata, sometimes called Maculata. Mine were cuttings off Miss Billie's Hydrangeas so I can't be positive.

The blossom died and withered away, early.
Bloom color varies with soil acidity.

Yellow and green of Alpinia 

Canna Pretoria, or Bengal Tiger, if you will 

Chartreuse alternanthera and Purple Heart

Purple Heart with Persian Shield

Angel Wing Begonia, root hardy here.

Mistletoe cactus and pots of Burro Tail Sedum

I guess I should have made pics of my pots of Calla Lilies, which are not inclined to bloom in hot weather. The foliage is nice, green with white speckles. They like a lot of water.


  1. Nice selections for Foliage Follow-up. I really like the combination with the Strobilanthes and Tradescantia 'Purple Heart'. Lovely! I've got that ginger too and it can't be beat for an impressive foliage show.

  2. This is a great post to continue.. my garden is mostly about foliage.
    The variegated hydrangea is very interesting, I would have liked to have seen the flower too!
    Summer is fast fading .. can't believe how quickly this garden season flew by !

  3. You have some nice combinations for Foliage Follow-Up I especially like the golden color of the Chartreuse alternanthera against the Purple Heart. There is something to be said about combining the warm and cool colors-nice contrast!

  4. Lucky you to have a Begonia like Angel Wing root hardy.

  5. I should have mentioned that the Hydrangea is a Lace Cap, just your ordinary Lace Cap, blue here.

  6. I had the same or similar Hydrangea in my former garden but I don't have record of its name - it was a lace cap with white flowers tinged with blue. I love that chartreuse Alternanthera - I've had 2 plants in pots for 2 years now and they're still going strong (unlike most of my other Alternanthera).

  7. Hi Nell, I had to look up the variegated Hydrangea. It's called 'New Wave,' and the edge really is yellow. It's supposed to be a combination of green, yellow and white, but it doesn't have much white on it this year. Here's a link to the post last year when I bought it, you can see the size it was at the time, and also a closeup of the leaf at the bottom of the post:

  8. You have so many nice foliage combinations! You're so lucky that that gorgeous begonia is root hardy for you. Is the ginger hardy there? I'm a little envious but am glad to sacrifice some hardiness to avoid your really hot and humid part of the year.

  9. I have a Hydrangea Mariesii Variegata in my woodland garden. It is one of my favorites. It looks to be the same as yours. I also love your Angel Wing Begonia. I had one growing for a couple of years in the woodland garden, but it did not survive last winter's severe temperature drops. Perhaps I will get another and keep it in a pot so I can bring it in during winter.

  10. I am not familiar with Hydrangea Mariesii Variegata. It does sound like a nice variety. You have some nicely patterned and colored foliage there. I love Persian shield, it is such an unusual look in the garden.

  11. The burrows tail and persian shield are always my two favorites of yours.


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