Saturday, August 2, 2014

I Love Lantana, too

C.L. Fornari featured Lantana on her I Love this Plant feature this morning. She even likes the pungent scent of Lantana.

When I commented on her blog, I realized I never wrote the post about Lantana that I composed in my head.

We have 3 kinds of Lantana here, including L. Camara growing in the wild garden for decades with Passiflora and Pipevines, Boneset, wild Verbena and Beautyberry. As pretty as its pink flowers are, I don't move it to the cultivated garden. It does seed about and grows wild on edges of dirt roads around here.

Almost every house between here and town has trailing yellow Lantana around a mailbox, as a ground cover or in a raised bed.  I have plenty of it. Lantana is common, it's pretty and it laughs at drought and heat. 

I almost forgot to mention butterflies.

Lantana monteveidensis was my favorite even before 
I discovered that it also comes in white.

Lantana grows the length of the Long Rock Bed tumbling over the front side of the berm, mostly Lavender but increasingly there is white. One lavender clump failed to survive a hard winter. I rooted more white.

75% success rate: 12 of 16 rooted. 
Not every cutting pictured is Lantana. 

Lantana montevidensis 'Silver Mound' 

Look closely for subtle differences between the lavender and
white: White has elongated leaves of a lighter shade of green.

In climates with colder winters than zone 8b, Lantana is sold as an annual for hot sunny locations. It has few pests and grows fast once the weather is hot.

You might not love its smell, but you have to love Lantana.


  1. It certainly makes a pretty groundcover in your garden. I've been using a lot of Alternanthera for that purpose but, this year, it seems it's literally melting under the combination of heat and dry soil. I'll have to try Lantana as a substitute - it appears to get higher marks for drought tolerance.

  2. Lantana has medicinal aroma... nice in its own way.

  3. I have a trailing lavender lantana. I need to think about getting some others, for the butterflies.

    Have a great week and I thank you for your kind and encouraging comments on my blog.


  4. Silver Mound is lovely! I planted lantana in a couple of places this year. So far it is holding on but hasn't taken off. I am waiting!

  5. Love the tutti frutti pink one, but I don't plant it as it's invasive.

  6. This is an annual in my zone 6. I used to grow it every year but haven't in some time. I don't have a hot sunny location that I like to plant. I do love the plant tho. Butterflies and hummingbirds love it too.

  7. I have not been planting as many annuals the last couple of years, but still like to get a few lantanas because the butterflies love them.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my last post.


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