Monday, August 18, 2014

Painting instead of Planting

The ground is too dry to plant; August is not an ideal planting time, so I spent time painting outdoor furniture instead.

I sanded and painted this old wood rocker Navy Blue and put it on the porch.

Weary of the two-seater glider showing up in every picture of the Upper Garden, blue in the distance, I chose brown to blend with the landscape.

Vintage metal chairs that match the glider got a coat of brown and a spritz of Rustoleum Hammered Copper. I really liked them best when they were red primer color before the final coats. It looked just right when I saw it out the kitchen window. 

Vintage settee looks out over cultivated fields.

Next year I may try Hammered Bronze. 

I'm wondering if the current trend to bright colors in the garden for accessories may turn to colors from nature like this shelf fungus I found the other day.

I'm happy with the bright Lagoon Blue and Lime that I painted my folding chairs that are mostly hidden behind shrubbery. When I painted the old patio table a kind of faux zinc and finally painted its legs, I liked that even better.


  1. Looks great! want to come and do mine? LOL

  2. You certainly make productive use of your time. Everything looks great. And now I feel as though I should go out and scrub my garden furniture clean...

  3. They look wonderful! I like the new colors. It is too hot and dry to garden here too.

  4. Your new colors are great! I especially like the navy against the lighter colors of your house. That first picture shows that you are off your rocker:) All the best people are!

  5. Love them! I like the hammered spray paint colors, too. :o)

  6. I'm glad I am not the only one who staying indoors lately...actually, I'm not glad but I don't feel alone.


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