Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three Perennials for August Bloom: Pentas, Shrimp Plant and Lantana

I wrote about Lantana first of the month. It has held up through the drought with minimal water. I almost let my white cuttings die and thought of the ones in the ground just in time. The ones left in a flat are goners. Good thing they're easy to root.

White Lantana montevidensis. I forgot the name again.
The purple tends to thread through its companions.

Broader view of the lavender Lantana, above and 
Yellow, below.

Pentas wish they'd get some rain, here with Persian Shield.
This rose color one is a big strong grower.

All the palest pink failed to return from roots except for this one under a Crape Myrtle. Nearly all the white returned. They need great winter drainage.

Miss Julie's favorite Pentas. Pink.

Pentas stand a good amount of dry soil but finally faint when they get thirsty.

 I saved Shrimp Plant for last. Justicia betonia, white Shrimp Plant returned from roots and I put out some rooted cuttings.

Tiny pink flowers have started showing in the white bracts.
There's a late-blooming Agapanthus in the background. 

As hummingbirds pass through on their migration, they'll find Justicia brandegeana. Its white flowers are inside the red bracts. These are quite hardy but last winter nipped most of them back to the ground.

The above Pentas, Shrimps and Lantana will bloom until frost. They'll be joined next month by Salvia leucantha and Salvia elegans. Pineapple sage is a thirsty sage and wilts most days here. Salvia blooms better in sun and August sun is brutal. Salvia farinacea has bravely continued to bloom after I cut back the first flush of summer bloom. 

Gerbera Daisies went dormant and will bloom again in cool days. They are another thirsty lot.  Blue Porterweed is blooming.

I hope for rain tomorrow or Saturday or my watering rounds will start over. I get anxious when shrubbery starts to wilt.


  1. Your August plants look nice and fresh even though it's so hot where you are!

  2. We've needed rain again too. We were getting lots and now next to nothing for days. That reminds me that I need to check on a couple of things myself.

    Have a great weekend Jean ~ FlowerLady

  3. Do you grow the Justicia brandegeana in partial shade? I tried 2 in almost full day sun but they fried.

  4. Part Shade, yes.

    Funny thing about Tropicals, unless they're tall trees, they like a little shade in the Coastal South.


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