Monday, September 15, 2014

Bloom Day -- Still Summer

There is no hint of fall in the air. Even Sassafras has no red leaves. Hot and humid here in the Coastal South.

We are seeing flower stems of late summer/fall blooming bulbs emerge. I don't know how they decide it is time.

Lycoris radiata and Rhodofiala bifida

Porterweeds show their true colors to attract butterflies.

Zinnias, Marigolds and Tithonia all attract butterflies. 
I would like you to believe I planned for mostly orange.

I did plan for Pentas to bloom in all colors. They will bloom until late fall.

Loropetalum makes a good addition to the southern garden.
They start bloom early spring before the Azalea show and again in fall.

Two Autumn blooming Sages: Salvia leucantha and Pineapple Sage.

Pink Crape Myrtle backs Roses coming back in bloom for fall.

Happy Bloom Day.

Bloom Day links are HERE. Join Carol and friends for a Fall Flower Festival.


  1. Happy GBBD! Of course you planned for mostly orange. I'm definitely growing Tithonia next year.

  2. Funny that you planned for orange. I don't think I planned for pink, but I have so much pink, you'd think it was on purpose. Could we do a plant exchange? (maybe one day, when there are crepe myrtles hardy in my zone 5b) Happy GBBD. Alana

  3. I plan for color, that's the best I can do! I'm loving your oranges.

  4. Beautiful flowers... multi coloured extravaganza!!

  5. Do you save seed from the tithonia? This is my first year to have them and would like to.

  6. I mostly just pull up the spent plants after the first frost and lay them where I want tithonia next year. Sometimes I do cut off seed pods and just sprinkle them around. I don't bother with extracting the seeds from the spiny pods, just smush a pod into the ground where they're to grow next year.

  7. Ah, you southern gardeners with so much happening in Sept. I do have Tricyrtis that barely have buds so the big question is whether flowers or frost will come first. But I realize most of my flower colors are pretty subdued compared to yours. And many of your plants are unfamiliar to me, also suggesting they won't grow up in Wisconsin like your Lycoris.

  8. Just got back from the public library and I forgot to mention that they did a big display of books with orange covers. Orange is definitely the color of the season.

  9. You've got a lot going on in your end of summer garden. I love the vibrant colors of the porterweed, which I've never hear of despite its apparent suitability to my zone 10b.

  10. Your flowers are so lovely! Everything looks so healthy and vibrant. The lycoris especially caught my eye. We grow Amaryllis belladonna here instead. I think they are similar, but our plant likes the heat and fortunately doesn't mind our drought!

  11. It does look very much like summer there.

    I guess my kerria japonica would equal your lorapetalum. It is in full bloom again now too.

    You certainly had a lot to contribute to 'bloom day'.


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