Tuesday, September 30, 2014

End of Month Views September 2014

A few cool, cloudy days with some rain and today a mist leaves the garden verdantly awaiting fall.

Come with me for a quick walk through the gardens, starting near the house.

Brugmansias in a last hurrah.

Looking SW in front of the house across White Shrimp
Plant and red Pentas toward a bed of Lycoris radiata.

 Imagine that you walked down the south drive and across the lawn and looked back.

 Turn around and you look at Purples and Yellows:

From the Front Gardens we go up these rough steps to the Upper Garden. There are Angel Wing Begonias atop the dry stacked brick wall at right, Salvia leucantha coming into bloom beyond in front of rosemary and farther in, Lycoris radiata.

The Upper Garden has long paths. Stick House at left overlooks a field of 
Peanuts ready for harvest when the rain moves out.

Long paths through the Upper Garden end at the Oval Lawn on the east end.

Roses, Pentas and a late blooming Brug blooming in this bed.
Understory trees include Dogwood and Loropetalum.
Dogwoods have berries, Loropetalum has fall rebloom.

Two views of the Pole Garden on the upper side of
the Upper Garden. Summering tropical plants have
already left the their pole pedestals.

Field road through the north side of the Upper 
Garden which has a bottle tree and Tropical plants.

Thanks to Ronnie of Hurtled to 60 for the reminder that it was time to join Helen at a Patient Gardener for end of month views.


  1. Oh, your gorgeous pink Brugs put mine to shame! Thanks for this look at many of your beds. Love your stick house, it's so magical.

  2. Alison, Brugs get bigger every year and mine are in the ground coming back from roots every spring. Some never got more than a foot high this year. I didn't point them out.

  3. I love your place Jean. It must be a real joy to walk around there any time of the year.

    Your brug is FANTASTIC. I have babies in pots that I need to get in the ground so they can GROW.

    Happy Fall to you ~ FlowerLady

  4. Lots of purple and yellow in my garden at the moment too: New England asters and Mexican zinnia. Do you overwinter that Persian Shield indoors?

  5. Persian Shield will return from roots here but I usually take some cuttings because I like to see it bloom in the greenhouse in early spring. I don't think I'll ever have too much of it. It faints and falls over if it gets too dry, its only drawback.

  6. There's something about rain (a distant memory here) that leaves a garden looking fresh and beautiful, even in photos. I hope my Brugmansia looks half as good as your someday.

  7. Those brugmansia are amazing! Real signs of fall but still explosions of colour from flowers. Its a lovely time of year, isn't it.

  8. Your garden is lovely — and huge! And my favorite plants are the ones I can't grow.

  9. Wow! What a beautiful garden space you have. I don't know what part is my favorite, but you certainly have some wonderful blooms and gorgeous views.

  10. Brugmansa falls in the same category as Agapanthus for me -- beautiful warm climate plants that I lust after. Thanks for sharing yours. -Jean


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