Saturday, September 13, 2014

Where is Autumn?

Fall is a bit late this year. You can see everything blooming on Bloom Day a year ago HERE.

I went to the far meadow where Lane mowed the paths out. I didn't see deer but I saw plenty for them to eat. On the way past the cornfield, I saw doves galore.

Wildflowers are different every year. Wind blows seeds to the east. Not much is blooming yet. I saw one small patch of yellow Solidago, the rest is still just green. Eupatorium is not as plentiful as last year and Rabbit tobacco is scarce. Maybe rabbits have given up chewing? What I did see was single stalks, not very tall. Last year Rabbit tobacco was tall and showy. 

Silk Grass is plentiful but not yet blooming, nor is Agalinis. The plants are lush and Silk Grass stems are tall. I saw two Buckeye butterflies.

Liatris is blooming purple on the roadside in front of the neighbors' house. There are a number of native grasses growing up tall and ready to bloom. I can't call the names of any of them except Little Bluestem, I just know they're natives.

Different this year is that Elephantapus was blooming a month ago. Few tiny pink blossoms remain in the tricorn bracts. 

I went to look at the persimmon trees that grow in the fence line. Since Lane cut down the big persimmon, 4 small trees have grown up. Three of them are loaded with small persimmons, already turning orange but I'm sure would turn your mouth inside out'ards.

I didn't see our friend the big Gopher Turtle who lives in the highway right of way. He's managed to survive these many years.

You can see persimmons from 2009 and the Gopher Tortoise's home and read about him HERE

Lycoris radiata is about to bloom. Pic from 2011.
Naked Lady stems and buds showed up after a rain.

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  1. Isn't it interesting how plants are a bit different each year? Keeps us on our toes it does.


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