Friday, September 5, 2014

I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can

Anticipating the glories of Autumn while the weather continues hot and humid slows me. In the midst of trying to assemble a Bromeliad tree I almost let my tomato plant fry in the heat for lack of water.

I visited the Stumpery for a suitable piece of petrified wood. On the West Coast you'd call this 'driftwood' -- it hasn't drifted anywhere since rosin-rich stumps were pushed up after pines were cut  years ago.

A recent rain encouraged lichens to green up. British Soldiers are blooming red.

This is as large a piece as I can lift. It has lovely crevices. When it's in a permanent container I'll have to use some kind of wheeled contraption to move it. Maybe assembling in place in the greenhouse is a better option.

Just perfect. Bromeliads and Spanish Moss -- what else?

I let opportunities go by for all kinds of photo ops: there was a Red Spotted Purple Butterfly on a Camellia leaf yesterday morning. The dog and cat got in a scuffle and chased him away before I got back with a camera.

Later in the day, I just stood and watched a Giant Swallowtail in all his glorious gold array. I've made pics and videos every year past. This year I'm just watching. That makes for poor blog fodder but it is a treat to sit in the shade rather than stand in the sun waiting for a butterfly to open his wings and be still.

Farmer Danny is combining corn in the field nearest our house. I did not make pictures of the green combine lumbering through the field, emptying a golden stream of shelled corn in a line of waiting trailers at the end of the field.

Ribbons of peanut vines between us and the corn field have lapped in the middles and green peanuts for boiling are ready to pull up.

A couple of times a day I go by the Scuppernong vine and pick a handful of  grapes to eat, fall's best treat.

Bromeliad pups and bigger siblings.

Plants await. Seeds want gathering. The greenhouse is not ready for re-occupancy. 

I looked longingly at a photo of containers arranged just so at someone's front entrance last night and eyed my containers and plants this morning to see if I might assemble a group of orange containers in time for Halloween.

I started spray painting my old bowling ball yesterday. After the first coat it rained just enough to stop that project.

Epiphyllum oxpetalum opened three glorious blooms last night. I went to bed before they were open enough to release that incredible fragrance. 

Anticipation is the best part.

Brugs are blooming again, fewer blooms this round. I only counted about 2 dozen blooms where there were several dozen a month ago. 


  1. Oh MY! That big piece of wood that you are planning to use for your Bromeliad tree is just gorgeous! Lots of lovely twists and turns and crevices. We do have plenty of driftwood in this part of the world, but I seldom seem to make it to the ocean to pick any up. So I'm probably going to end up using a branch for mine.

  2. That's a great piece of wood for a brom tree! that's going to look fantastic!


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